Alibaba to Accept SHIBA INU Token as Payment? THIS IS HUGE! New 2021

Alibaba to Accept SHIBA INU Token as Payment? Shiba Inu the dogecoin killer has recently risen in value as major altcoins have fallen in value Shiba Inu which had gotten a lot of

attention and had become one of the most popular investment options took a big hit in response to china’s cryptocurrency

appears to be on the rise the price will shortly recover Shiba Inu is on the rise while bitcoin is still attempting to break past a key barrier level

if bitcoin manages to settle above this level it will be a positive indicator for other cryptocurrencies the crypto market

has been sending out contradictory signals, Shiba Inu coin is expected to rebound in the near future according to experts given

Alibaba to Accept SHIBA INU Token as Payment?

dogecoin’s recent price decrease to 23 cents the gain may be sufficient to overcome it Alibaba the Chinese e-commerce behemoth has set

its sights on global dominance the realm of cryptocurrency was never far away Alibaba just unveiled p2p nodes a bitcoin mining platform more firms

Shiba Inu and cryptocurrency fever has swept the world Alibaba recently registered a platform which is called p2p nodes

little is known about the surgery so yet although it has been suggested by finance magnates that it is based on third-party mining

this could imply that Alibaba will rent out space on its cloud platform to cryptocurrency miners in certain areas of the globe the

announcement of a huge corporation like Alibaba entering the cryptocurrency mining business would be noteworthy but in china

it is unprecedented in china the majority of recent headlines about digital currencies have been unfavorable the Chinese government has cracked down

on digital currencies and exchanges ostensibly to prevent money laundering and illicit behavior the new platform’s announcement is that Alibaba

CEO jack ma has previously expressed reservations about digital currencies when asked about his thoughts on digital

money ma expressed his confusion stating that even if it works it will drastically overturn international trade and financing rules

however, it is evident that cryptocurrency is driving many old-timers and CEOs to reconsider their positions such as mark Cuban who accepted dogecoin

as payment for his basketball team, in addition, the Shiba army has petitioned Alibaba to accept the Shiba Inu token as payment

if Alibaba decides to accept it as a form of payment for its goods transactions can be completed on the spot with minimal or no expenses

to put it another way, we may not need to utilize bank cards to make purchases will Alibaba be the next company to enter the cryptocurrency market

Alipay an Alibaba payment provider has also applied for the same five mos licenses as google pay.

furthermore, Alibaba is reported to have amassed a large number of blockchain patents allowing them to build groundbreaking

innovations the application for licenses like google could shed information on future activities overall despite the fact that

significant players are warming up to cryptocurrencies and all that it entails it appears that their crypto adoption has not yet reached full swing

despite the fact that there is no shortage of upbeat sounding misinformation on the internet defy’s momentum is surely encouraging


in conclusion, the Shiba Inu new coin is a brand new token in the virtual currency market as a result, it’s riskier than more

well-known cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum even binance warned its users against investing in shiba describing shiba inu as a relatively new

coin with a greater than typical risk that would likely see substantial price fluctuation following its finance launch


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