Baby Dogecoin BurningšŸ”„: Almost 5 Quadrillion Baby Dogecoin Burnt – Price Skyrocket

Baby Dogecoin Burning, a huge burn of almost 5 Quadrillion Token is burned. Is baby doge due for a bull run, yes I would say, so why I’m so sure well simple less supply drives up demand which in turn drives price value which leads me to tell you that over 20% of baby doge disappeared to wear to an empty wallet.

Baby Dogecoin Burning Almost 5 Quadrillion Babydoge coin Burnt

let’s start with burn it’s not my house or yours that you are smelling is baby doge burning with a supply of 420 quadrillion baby doge yes

that many the mean coin holds a market cap of just 621 million dollars how much do you burn though how much is enough that supply seems like an insurmountable number

well how do 4.8 quadrillions sound like that’s over 20 percent of its supply burned away let’s get into it token burns have become quite a common phenomenon in the crypto space this

method of reducing a coin supply started gaining steam around 2017 and since then an umpteen number of projects have started using this mechanism with coins

Baby Dogecoin Burning Almost 5 Quadrillion Baby Dogecoin Burnt

large and small there are pieces of news floating around every day about how the developers slash people from the community burn millions of billions or even trillions of coins

whenever coins are burnt they are intentionally sent to an unusable wallet address to remove them from circulation the address typically called a burned address cannot be used

or assigned to anyone so once a token is burnt it is gone forever over time the scarcity created translates into a supply crunch and brushes off positively

on the underlying assets price although this is far from a sure thing a handful of cryptos have seen positive price movements after their tokens have burned

Shiba inu has been leading the mean coin pack on the burning front in the month of January alone over 1.32 billion Shiba tokens were burnt but moved over Shiba,

baby doge is here baby dogecoin another prominent meme token has also made noteworthy strides in this regard simultaneously less than seven hours

back a sizable number of tokens were burned shedding light on the same via a proclamation on Twitter Babydoge official handle noted 4.8 quadrillions hashtag baby doge burned data from bsc scan confirmed the same the cumulative worth of all the tokens was roughly around 20 million dollars and a transaction fee of 0.00182 billion

was incurred to execute the same how does it affect the price well not much at least for now these things takes time as expected the coin’s price wasn’t impacted immediately baby doge price

has been moving horizontally of late and the same trend continued to post the burn two after appreciating by a meager 0.01 percent in the past 24

hours this token was priced at dollar zero point eight zeros 42 24 at press time in the same time frame nonetheless the average value of the baby doge tokens held by the top 100 huddlers has

appreciated by almost three percent while the value of the same has inclined by five percent collectively they’re a sign that the sentiment with respect to

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Baby Dogecoin updates Today 2022

baby doge is getting favorable see it’s a new dawn and a new day for this coin I expected to continue to appreciate and appreciate let’s move on to new listings

the Babydoge coin community has been taking over crypto Twitter the consistent tweets about the developments of the coin have got the mean coin

trending every other day in a similar attempt to bag as many listings as possible the baby doge army reached out to prominent cryptocurrency exchange

whitebait a Twitter account that goes by the username babydojinformer shared a tweet asking the community if they would like to see the mean coin on the crypto

exchange whitebait, while the entire community gathered and rooted for this development white bit,Ā wanted to voice its interest in listing the altcoin

partially affirming a listing the crypto exchange tweeted do you want baby doge to be listed on it white bit responds what we certainly do and a

smiling emoji the community was certainly overjoyed as the asset continues to bag more listings despite being relatively new the popularity of

baby doge has peaked the price follows suit this didn’t seem to grab the attention of the prominent cryptocurrency exchange Binance the baby

doge community has been stringently trying to get the mean coin listed in Binance however the exchange didn’t seem to be paying any heed previously Chiang

ping zhao the ceo of binance revealed that the community and the total token holders were major criteria for listing any crypto time and again the baby doge

army has proved its inclination towards the mean coin additionally the total number of token holders seem to be on an upward trajectory and on the subject of

holders baby dogecoin inches closer to 1.5 million holders the baby doge network was growing without any hurdles the prospects of the coin seem to be

luring an array of investors the mean coins ever surging token holders were proof of the same the altcoin once again broke its record whale stats shed light

on the same on Twitter, the tweet read trophy new record hashtag baby doge reaches an astonishing one 365 zero zero zero plus holders current holder count

one million three hundred and sixty five thousand one hundred and four the top one thousand bnb wallets are holding nine hundred and thirty-seven trillion

three hundred and forty-three billion eight hundred and eighty-three million seven hundred thousand five hundred and ninety three hashtag baby doge three

million nine hundred and seventy thousand one hundred and seventy three us dollars baby dogecoin army whale stats the top 1000 bsc rich list at whale stats bsc February 2nd

2022 as the total token holders of baby doge inched closer to 1.5 million the community grew further restless in seeking a listing on Binance so with all

these new listings burn what is the expected price going forward baby doge has kept up appearances in January despite a gut-wrenching sell-off during

bitcoin’s flash crash this month as per coin market cap its monthly ROI sits at an impressive 62 percent the highest amongst its top meme counterparts

dogecoin Shiba inu dog elon mars and floki inu moreover the performance of the tokenĀ has not gone unnoticed within the crypto community data from whale stats showed that baby doge

touched a record of 1.36 million holders this week the update made rounds soon after baby doge recorded a 27 increase on January 31st before paring losses on

February 1st however baby doge’s movement has been timid since then a consolidation stage was active and sentiment remained weak despite a 25

million dollars burn yesterday baby doge price action on the hourly chart was indicative of low retail pressure in the market this was made more evident by the

volume oscillator which traded well below its half-line hence for more buyers to get back on board baby doge needed to close above the 38.2 Fibonacci

level in conclusion baby doge’s external developments were offset by low retail volumes bitcoin’s reluctance to close above 39 000 was responsible for what was turning out to be a red day for the crypto market.

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Baby Dogecoin Burning Update 2022

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