Blockchain Career Path with Salaries | Start Career in Blockchain [Detailed Guide] 2021

Hey Everyone it’s Anuj here and today I’ll be sharing with you what to become if you’re planning to make a debut in the blockchain industry

and give you a high-level overview of a blockchain career path with a quick insight on average annual salaries you’ll be getting

and other necessary information so let’s get started

Blockchain Career Path with Salaries [The Ultimate Guide]

blockchain career path
blockchain career path Ultimate guide

Blockchain Developer

number one blockchain developer, blockchain developers enable the company to develop manage and secure blockchain

networks and platforms however this is also one of the most demanding blockchain jobs that require you to have programming

skills you may need to have pre-existing programming experience and on top of that, you should also be familiar with blockchain frameworks

such as hyper ledger on an average annual salary of a blockchain developer is approximately ninety thousand dollars to hundred and fifteen thousand dollars

Blockchain project manager

number two blockchain project manager the blockchain project manager is the guy that takes the responsibility of carrying out blockchain projects

they also know blockchain in and out and have the know-how, expertise to make critical or important decisions when it comes to blockchain

solution design implementation process and another managerial decision making on an average annual salary of a blockchain project manager is

approximately 130 thousand dollars to 140 thousand dollars

Blockchain UX designer

number three blockchain UX designer the blockchain solutions also have a user interface and that’s where the blockchain UX designer comes into play

they make the blockchain solution design intuitive and digestible by everyone around us on an average annual salary of a blockchain UX designer is

approximately 115 000 thousand dollars.

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Blockchain quality engineer

Blockchain quality engineer
blockchain career path

number four blockchain quality engineer the blockchain quality engineer takes care of the quality assurance throughout

the project development and also after the product or service is released to the users he guarantees that the blockchain

development processes and operations meet the highest possible standards to make sure that he manages all of these

he needs to be an automation and testing expert surrounding blockchain frameworks to become one you need to have an eye

for detail and have excellent communication skills on an average annual salary of a blockchain quality engineer is approximately 140 thousand dollars to 155 000

Blockchain legal consultant

number five blockchain legal consultant blockchain’s way of approach makes legality a completely new thing and that’s where blockchain legal

consultants come in they take care of legal aspects of the companies or parties that deal with blockchain on an average annual salary of a

blockchain legal consultant is approximately 135 thousand dollars to 160 thousand dollars

Blockchain architect

number six blockchain architect a blockchain architect is responsible for working with r d teams and helps to infuse blockchain in

building and designing new solutions for the company he or she is also responsible for optimizing old and existing products to create a

performance standard for them in order to become a blockchain architect you must have good experience

with blockchain architecture frameworks and should carry the knowledge for creating storage solutions as well on an average annual salary of a

blockchain architect is approximately 150 thousand dollars to 175 thousand dollars

Blockchain research analyst

Blockchain research analyst

number seven blockchain research analyst this person would generally support the asset management team by helping to research technical

requirements of various blockchain projects and they primarily examine the data in and usage of these ledgers

to determine the effectiveness of the blockchain identify areas for improvement and develop strategies for implementing

changes in it on an average annual salary of a blockchain research analyst is approximately eighty-five thousand dollars two hundred and sixteen thousand Dollars

Blockchain marketing specialist

number eight blockchain marketing specialist so you’ve got a blockchain product now you need someone who can market it

and generate sales blockchain marketing specialist is someone who’s an ideal fit for this need he or she is responsible for showcasing

the use case of the product and works directly with the development team to make informed decisions about market requirements

on an average annual salary of blockchain marketing specialist is approximately 140 thousand dollars to 180 000

Blockchain Technical Recruiter

number nine blockchain technical recruiter right now it’s already hard enough to find a good blockchain talent and it is majorly due to the fact that

many recruiters lack the essential knowledge needed to hunt down a candidate for the job role, it’s been proven that if a technical recruiter is having

blockchain experience he or she opens up new possibilities to talent hunt exercises for big companies and MNCs on an average annual salary of a

blockchain technical recruiter is approximately 108 thousand dollars to 120 thousand dollars

I hope this was helpful and provided you an insight on what you should become and which career option suits you better

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