Saitama has already made many investors millionaires at an early stage but the question is can Saitama Inu make you rich in 2022? if yes then how? we will find that out in today’s article with a detailed Guide, so stick to the end of this post.


How could Saitama convert six thousand dollars into one million?

On november 16 2021 saitama has reached the six zeros price mark saitama reaches six zeros 27 before it retraced back.And then down all the way to the five zeros price zone at that moment saitama has gained three hundred and two thousand five hundred and five percent in value since june 26 2021.

when it was at the ten zeros 18 price mark which means if you have invested 100 you would cash out three hundred and two thousand five hundred and five dollars and if you have invested one thousand dollars you would cash out three million twenty-five thousand and fifty dollars to convert the six thousand dollars into one million

all that we need is to reach the five zeros price zone for those who see this as difficult or unrealistic. SAITAMA on november 2021 was already at the six zeros price mark so we need only to knock out 1-0 when saitama will visit this price mark again this could happen very soon relying on some factors.


Given below are some factors:

Saitama has many projects if one of those projects will successfully take place soon we expect Saitama to reach the five zeros price mark and beyond by the time.

Citer mask stated: was having some coding issue once it will be solved we expect saitama’s price to soar also some of the other projects when will be executed successfully they will have positive effect on saitama’s price for example wolfcaster gaming the NFT-based game where players can buy sell and train their own wolves in addition to the wolf caster anime series that will back up the game produced by citer.This project might take a while especially a video game but if it launched the demand for the token will increase from those gamers who will play and buy saitama.

What NFT platform will holds?

It includes all types of art to be bought and sold on the platform:

*NFT will go hand in hand with the video game as well so the gamers can sell and buy unique characters.

*NFT-based launchpad platform that will support users in their community to create launch and promote projects based on the saitama monetary system

*The saitama cold wallet which is considered the most secure crypto currency storage solution as it is not connected to the internet with cooperation with the ledger company that has strong experience producing the hard wallet will help the Saitama team to gain money from selling the hard wallet and investing it in the project.

*Citer edutainment, a platform that educates people about money while entertaining their audience.This platform will look like YouTube this step is very attainable which will take the price to five zeros and beyond.

*Amazon and ebay having cite a market is very attainable citer marketplace will help users to use saitama and other partner tokens to purchase goods and services Nowadays creating a marketplace online is not as complicated as before once it’s launched the saitama price will soar.

What are the changes in cita city which is a metaverse platform?

Cita city will change the way we interact with view events do business This project might take a while when facebook will apply the metaverse land see some success it will be easy for saitama to learn and apply this model as well also saitama will develop its own blockchain which will be huge progress so other coins and tokens could use the saitama blockchain instead of ethereum or binance blockchains it takes time to build that chain since it needs experienced developers and resources to have a reliable blockchain network that will compete with ethereum tron and binance.

Are these projests enough to take saitama to 5 zeros mark?

So in conclusion one of these projects is enough to take saitama to the five zeros price mark soon in addition to being listed in a major platform like coinbase finance or robin hood so how could the six thousand dollars best converted into one million dollars six thousand dollars could get you around 120 billion tokens if you bought it

when the price was at the 705 or it will give you 150 billion if you bought it when the price was at the seven zeros four so if the price reaches the five zeros 84 price mark those 120 billion will make you cash out 1 million dollars and those 150 billion that you bought.When the price was at 704 will turn into 1 million once the price reaches the 507 price mark.

This is around sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty-seven percent return on investment. This is like if you have bought a used car worth six thousand dollars and in one year more or less it is worth four Lambos each costs 250 k.since everything is possible in the crypto world.

As highlighted at the beginning,This means if you invested six thousand dollars in saitama in june 2021 you would cash out in november 2021 around 18 million 150 300 .if you still don’t believe it you can go to and check the all-time high and all-time low of saitama and do the math.

This has happened before to many investors with different coins and tokens starting from last law hagnex who spent 10 000 bitcoins in 2010 at a local pizza restaurant called papa john’s to buy himself two pizzas sack then his bitcoins were worth only 40. This means if you kept the bitcoin and want to sell them now he would cash out 420 million dollars or this guy who bought 100 worth of shiba early when traded at 11 zeros now has enough money to buy 500 lambos at 200 000 each and still has cash left to have fun or mark .

So yes if the price reaches five zero price zone your six thousand dollars could be converted into one million and just six hundred dollars could be converted into 100k even though those six hundred dollars could be converted into one million if you want to wait for the price to reachthe four zeros price mark all we need is to reach the five zeros price zone which will be a twenty thousand percent value increase of saitama.If shiba has increased by 50 million percent.

why the Saitama community is getting bigger?

More holders are getting in every day more people add Saitama to their watch list every day as well all of those factors will push Saitama forward for more burn rate and to reach the 30 quadrillion tokens in the circulating supply, in addition, to be listed on major exchanges and the potential bitcoin price increase will make Saitama’s price has an organic increase he five zeros price mark is closer than you think everything is possible in the crypto world.

so this is the end of the discussion “can Saitama Inu make you rice in 2022?” what is your point guys feel free to share them in the comments below.

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