Can Saitama v2 Reach 1$? [2022] | Saitama Inu V2 Update Today

Can Saitama v2 Reach 1$? or what is the maximum price can Saitama version 2 trade at can it ever cross one dollar price target, well in this post we are going to try and find out with the help of math so

make sure to watch this post till the end. Now those who are not aware of this token Saitama has recently migrated to a new contract the launch was good but

sadly most of the investors haven’t got their tokens airdropped yet so investors who could have booked profit at the top were not able to sell their tokens

because the airdrop is still in process at the time of this writing only 17k holders have roughly got their airdrop so it might take up to one or two weeks

to finish the airdrops in some cases it might even take up to a month but if you’re in panic mode that you haven’t received your airdrop you don’t need to

worry you will definitely get your airdrop.

Can Saitama v2 Reach 1$ [2022]

Saitama Inu version 2 Project Details

so at the time of this writing, this post-Saitama is trading with 0.2057

market cap is close to 256 million

I know the market cap on crypto websites is showing around 600 million but it is

wrong as the latest supply data is not yet updated

circulating supply is close to 45 billion

so let’s try and find out what is the maximum potential of this token with its current supply.

Can Saitama v2 Reach 1$?

let’s say it eats one zero from here that is trading with 0.01 cent

the market cap will jump to 450 million

so reaching one cent is very much possible

now let’s say it trades with 0.05 cents

the market cap will jump to 2.2 billion

so going 0.05 cents is also possible.

Now the biggest question is it possible for Saitama to trade with one dollar?

if we look at the maths to reach one dollar it has to achieve a

market cap of 45 billion

so right now it’s not possible to reach one dollar

it has to reduce its supply to a great extent.

now going to a market cap of 45 billion is not impossible but Saitama’s brand image has been badly affected I personally think this token

will find it very hard to cross the two or three billion market cap but for the sake of this post we are going to cap it to 5 billion

so if Saitama reaches a market cap of 5 billion with its

current supply it can trade at 0.11 cents

so according to me, this is the maximum potential of the Saitama token.

now obviously if it generates more hype it can cross over the 5 billion market cap and the

trading price will go above 0.11 cents

but like I said earlier the brand image is very much affected so it will be very hard for it to achieve the 5 billion market cap but you should also keep one thing

in mind, Saitama has reduced its supply to a great extent after the migration so if Saitama’s top management has good intentions this token can still get on

those tier 1 exchanges and therefore it can get that volume to cross the 5 billion market cap but this can only happen if Saitama’s top management has no scamming intentions

now we have done talking about the upside, now we are also going to talk about some downside,

Saitama Inu Worst-Case Scenario, will its price reach 1$?

if the market cap falls to 100 million this token can also

trade with 0.003 or lower price

so you should also keep that in mind it all depends on the hype once the hype is over the token will die with it so make sure you do all the research about this

token before making any fresh investments and especially when the token is like Saitama.

so guys that’s all about the maximum potential of Saitama version 2

let me know in the comments section your personal price prediction for this token.

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