what’s up shibnobi shinja army, In today’s post we will discuss Can SHIBNOBI COIN Lose 4 zero? many shibnobi investors are talking about the price to lose four zeroes in this article we will take a look at what does shibnobi shinja needs to do so to lose four zeros

so please read the post until the end to get the most out of it

shibnobi shinja team is connecting with it’s holder’s daily this gives the project credibility and creates a strong community that could take shibnobi near to reach another horizon also the

shibnobi shinja team aims to help communities that suffer from poverty. shinobi team aims to contribute to charity programs to bring water to a nigerian village that doesn’t have

access to water and other utilities shibnobi shinju’s project is progressing day after day in the last week of january 2022.

shibnobi shinja was trending among the most 100 search words in the google search engine, in addition shinobi assigned with martin cove to promote the token martin cove was born on march 6 1946

and he is an american actor and martial artist best known for the karate kids theories rambo first blood part 2 also the team is planning to list the token on BINANCE Exchange

but they aren’t sure yet if they can meet the legal requirement of finances them negotiation between the legal team of shinja and finance is still taking place. so now what does shibnobi need to wipeout four zeroes

Can SHIBNOBI COIN Lose 4 zero in 2022?

Can SHIBNOBI COIN Lose 4 zero

shinio is trading at the 13 zeros price zone and reached around 54,519 holders with a daily volume of 4 million five hundred thousand dollars

shibnobi shinia team has burned so far around 45.6 of the supply and the available circulating supply is around 37.56 billion let’s assume that zinching will reach a market cap that is

similar to shiba which is around 12 billion or dogecoin that is around 20 billion to simplify it for you let’s assume that the market cap of shinja will reach 10 billion and also we need

the price to go to nine zeros 10 means we need the circulating supply to be around 100 quintillions which means the team needs to burn 99.98 of the circulating supply and if the

market cap goes higher from 10 billion to 100 billion and we need to see the price reaches the nine zeros ten then we need one sextillion in the circulating supply which means the team needs to

burn 97.4 percent of the circulating supply one sextillion circulating supply will take the price of Xinjiang to the 10-0 zone as well before going to the

nine zeros which mean the price could start with the 10 zeros 10 with a market cap of 10 billion such Shiba then if the hype increases and more people are

buying the token the price could go to the nine zeros ten price mark with a market cap of one hundred billion so one sextillion in the circulating supply will be able to take shinja to ten zero

price owned with a reasonable market cap in the nine zeros price owned with the big market cap tell us in the comments section below your opinion do you think

that shinja could reach the nine zeros price zone if you like this post.

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