Dr Skull Coin Price update 2021: 1000x Pump Confirm Listed in 2 New Exchanges

Today we gonna discuss Lovely Inu’s new coin Dr skull coin price and how it will pump its price also Dr skull is listed on two new Big crypto Exchanges platforms.

Dr skull coin is the crypto Token of Lovely Inu coin, the total supply of Dr skull Token is 100 Trillion and they have burn 99.99% of the coin supply on 15th august

Now the current Price of Dr skull is 0.00108$ and you won’t believe that Dr skull Token has given a return of 10700% till now.

Dr skull Token has been listed on two big crypto exchanges namely Bitmart and Hotbit you can buy Dr skull coin from these exchanges

you can also buy this coin from Pancake swap

also, Dr. skull will soon be listed on LATOKEN exchanges on Friday 27th August 2021 and this is really good news for investors as the price will pump, and also its strong point is its burning event.

Dr Skull Coin Price

Dr Skull Coin Price update Today

Dr. skull Token current Price is 0.00109200

The total Hoder of Dr. skull Token is 3,670

For those who want to invest in Dr skull token just by the news that this coin gave 1000X return in 1 day and it is true

I suggest that you all just wait for a while but after this pump, you will surely see some profit booking and little will correction in the Price of Dr skull token

and as a result, the price will drop a little bit, and then you all can enter or invest in this coin.


Disclaimer: I am not a registered Financial Advisor and definitely I am not recommending you to buy this coin as the crypto market is very risky so do your own research before investing in this coin.

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