Eco Chain Token [Detailed Guide] | Price Prediction 1000X Return? | Presale 2021

Hey Everyone, today we will discuss Eco chain Token and it is the ultimate guide that whether we should invest in the eco chain as its pre-sale is live, the Price prediction of Echo chain token? and weather eco chain will give us 1000X return in 2021, so this article is going to be very informative, so make sure to stick to the end of this post because you won’t get such detailed information on the entire web.

Eco Chain Token

What is Eco Chain Token?

Eco chain Token is a decentralized deflationary or de-escalation token whose main aim is to create steadiness in the Economy and ecosystem of the crypto market.

The total supply of Eco Chain tokens is 100,000,000,000,000 [100 Trillion]

Eco chain Token Prototech?

Eco chain proto tech is the technology in which echo chain system works, it works on Binance smart tech [BEP-20] technology also we can say is a Bep-20 token.

Why Eco Chain Token is Trending?

If you will visit the eco chain official website they have mentioned on the Home page that Eco Chain Token is a Deflationary Token

and many of you don’t know that what is the actual meaning of the Deflationary Token.

what is a Deflationary Token?

First of all many YouTubers say that a deflationary token is a new token or a unique token which is absolutely wrong, Every token is a deflationary token, the actual meaning of a deflationary token is the token whose circulating or supply decreases over time.

Example: Binance bnb token, lovely Inu coin, etc.

Eco Chain Token Price Prediction?

The Pre-sale Price of the Eco chain token is 0.000000027$

The Listing Price of the eco chain in Pancakeswap is 0.000000054$ ( that is the Price is doubled)

meaning that whatever amount you will invest in Eco chain token you will get the double return for sure but it may be possible that after listing on Pnkcakeswap the price will be boomed drastically or fall this no one can predict.

Now if we talk about the minimum amount you can invest in Eco chain token is 50$ and this is really a big disadvantage for investors.

Minimum Amount to Invest in Eco chain token: 0.1 BNB which is approximate 50$ 

if someone has only 50 dollars the how he can invest in such a risky token and I really don’t understand why this token has set the minimum price so high it is really a matter of concern

and the maximum transaction amount is 5 BNB 

Now the Pre-sale of eco chain token ends in 9 days, so you can visit its official website to participate in the pre-sale event.

what is the Aim of the Eco chain token?

so from the name Eco meaning related to the environment, so the motive of the Eco chain token is to help environmental causes and organization.

The eco chain community is mainly concern about the environment many of the big players like Elon musk, they are concerned about the environment

and that is the reason he had stopped accepting the payment of Bitcoin in Tesla cars as in Bitcoin mining huge consumption of power is required.

If we summarize this in one word then it is


Future Planning of Eco chain Token?

  • Holder Reward

To attract the investors in the Eco chain they have mentioned in their future planning that they will give rewards to their holders

Now, what is the process of giving rewards to its holders?

whenever anyone will buy or sell an eco chain token then they will deduct some amount of money in the form of tax and then the tax amount will be distributed among all the holders of Eco chain token.

  • Decentralized Exchange [DEX], NFT Market

Eco chain token is planning to launch its own decentralized exchange in the future and if it happens then the price of the eco chain will definitely reach the moon.

and after that, they are also planning to launch its NFT market which is huge. if we talk about wazirx then they are also launching decentralized exchange and NFT Market this month.

  • Staking

Eco chain will also promote staking which means buying and locking up a certain amount of holdings to earn interest and become an active validating node for the network.

  • ICO/ IDO/STC Launchpad

eco chain is planing a launchpad of ICO/IDO/STC in the future, similarly like lovely Inu coin has launched its own token known as Dr skull token.

so the future planning of eco chain token is quite awesome let see whether they will fulfill all their promises or not

Eco chain vs Shiba Inu vs safe moon token

if we analyze carefully eco chain token, its aim, motive then you can get a similar pattern in the Shiba Inu coin if you read the Shiba Inu white paper their they mentioned

that they will help the dog community as from the name suggest Shiba which is a breed of dog.

if you compare the distribution of eco chain token then you will get a similar pattern as in the SAFEMOON token also tax deduction is the same as the safe moon token.

safe moon token also gives rewards to its holders just like eco chain token so it is very much similar to the safe moon when compared to distribution.

Eco chain Token Distribution?

The total supply of Eco Chain tokens is 100,000,000,000,000 [100 Trillion] and they are planning to burn 50% of their token in 5 steps

The distribution of eco chain tokens is

Eco chain Team = 5% stake

Eco chain marketing = 5 % stake

Eco chain liquidity = 10% stake

Pre-sale = 30% stake

so what’s interesting is that after burning 50% of its token and distributing 30% of token in pre-sale then the total 80% of eco chain token is in the hand of public

now the owner of the eco chain has only a 20% stake with them out of which 10% token will be locked in a liquidity

so the team and marketing have only left with 10% token so as in lovely inu coin only two people have a maximum stake of 55% and 22% which is very risky for investors.

so you don’t have that risk in eco chain token.

one of the biggest advantages of eco chain token is its distribution where they will burn 50% of their token and gives the majority of stake to the public which is 30%

and the owner will keep only 10% of the stake, out of which 5% will be used in the marketing of eco chain,

so this is all for eco chain token and I have covered every detail still if you want to know more about its white paper and buying guide then do comment below

I will make a separate post for that, if you find this article helpful do like it and share it with your friends.

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Disclaimer: My article are based on my opinion and do not constitute financial advice, this article is totally for educational purpose, I am not a registered financial advisor, so do you own research and analysis before investing in any crypto coin as the crypto market is highly risky






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