eToro And To Support 1.2% Tax Burn For Terra Classic (LUNC) | LUNC news today

Crypto exchanges eToro and are supporting the 1.2% tax burn for Terra Classic (LUNC) and USTC on the Terra Classic network. While has announced to support the tax burn for on-chain activities, eToro seems to offer tax burn for off-chain activities as well as on-chain

eToro and Implement Tax Burn for Terra Classic (LUNC)

what is up lunatics welcome back we are a mere few hours away from the formal implementation of that 1.2 burn tax on the Terra classic blockchain and things are heating up as

if we have never seen them heat up before starting out here guys we are less than 12 hours away by the time you’re reading this post it’s gonna be eight hours or less meaning that we are

moving in the right direction our block height is headed to the point at which this 1.2 percent burn tax will be live and we will start burning to an

absolutely astronomical degree now guys this is one of the best things that could possibly happen for Terra classic and as people watch for success I do highly anticipate that we will start to see some movement in the right direction

which of course will add more momentum to more people buy and drive the price up even more again this is your last opportunity to buy Terra classic at these levels because once we start

erasing zeros nothing is going to stop us especially if the terror Rebels are able to repay usdt back to one dollar which will most likely be the biggest story in crypto since the creation of

Bitcoin it guys on top of that we can see that we are outperforming the market like it is nobody’s business per the crypto bubbles here Luna classic was up 241 Luna.

so guys we are doing four times four almost five times better than you know the 2.0 chain is very obvious they’re having some more issues because of the fact that do kwon

did you have that arrest warrant in South Korea that did affect us just a little bit as well now is a great time to remember that very obviously there is

no association anymore between doe Quan and the Terra classic blockchain it has been fully taken over by the Terra Rebels and I highly anticipate staying that way for the foreseeable future but

guys, we did have a great piece of news coming in just under the wire hereof course we have tweeting out is supporting the tax burn for Luna Classic on the Terra classic Network again scheduled for block height

four mil nine million 475 200 expected to be on sept November 20th, 2022 that’s going to be right around 8 P.M or midnight my time a little bit before that maybe 10 p.m I’m going to be up

keeping my eye on it making sure that everything is going great but this leads to the question guys who exactly is going to come next and what exactly is this going to mean Luna classic Community here tweeting out breaking one

of the largest centralized exchanges, has officially announced that they will be supporting the 1.2 Luna classic tax coinbase is officially the last one standing which side are you going to

choose now guys back when I was first starting to accumulate at the lower end I was buying on coinbase just before they shut everything down and I was buying wrapped Luna unfortunately after

that we saw some more movement to the downside so that’s effectively worthless but I have been buying more Terra Classic on and the fact that they have finally come out and said hey

we are supporting this everything is looking strong we believe that this is going to move in the right direction is really great we also still have finance looking into the possibility of

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instituting an off-chain 1.2 two percent burn tax so overall guys things are great now guys on top of that we do need to remember that we are in fact having staggering degrees of support within the

community Luna classic burn tweeting out breaking news Luna classic proposal 4793 has now passed with over a 99 yes vote calling for all cexs to Institute the

1.2 percent Luna classic burn once again guys the Luna classic Community has made their intentions clear the numbers that we are seeing here are staggering 99.31 yes 0.67 percent of staining 0.03 voting

no and practically nobody voting no with a veto so it does look like we are moving in the right direction and we’re going to start seeing some crazy crazy

Burns very soon now guys once again here we do have the Luna classic burner with a burning prediction as of right now we can go ahead and slide this back

and forth and see exactly how many will be burned based on what they are seeing as of now in the next 1800 days is what they say so of course, you know out six years five years or so they’re

expecting another 58 billion to be burned but we are in fact looking at the fact that we very well could potentially see even higher numbers than that you know what they’re saying here and that’s

based on the actual rate we need to remember that this is based on that 30 Million number not the one to two billion that will be happening so even if nothing happened you know with

regards to uh you know that burn we would still see the supply move down at a you know relatively significant rate over the foreseeable future but overall

guys things are looking good total burn lunar classic is 4.137 billion as of now burning chart moving up and we are about to see this go absolutely Parabola guys

it is going to be crazy as of course we can see the transactions here several of them still in the individual numbers some of them the hundreds of thousands but we’ll start seeing them in the

billions on a daily basis although broken up relatively significantly and I like that they put a leaderboard.


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