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Interesting Fun Facts About Switzerland

Here are 10 interesting Fun facts about Switzerland. Switzerland is also called the land of mountains, chocolate, and fine quality watches but still, there is a lot know interesting facts about this beautiful country.

from nuclear shelters to swiss palm trees and banks, it is not a surprise about this country however there is more to add to this fascinating country

test your Switzerland country knowledge with these key facts about Switzerland do you know that velcro and LSD originated in Switzerland

or that the world’s most expensive coffee is in Switzerland how well do you about Switzerland.

10 Fun Facts About Switzerland

Here is a different fact, an informative and interesting fact that we have prepared for you if you are visiting or living in Switzerland then you must know.

Today we will be riding you on the 10 interesting fun facts about Switzerland before we continue make sure to hit the

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10. Switzerland has four national languages their four national languages are french, german, Italian, and romance though English is not an official language in this country

but it is often used as a bridge to divides and a significant proportion of official documents is in English twenty percent speak the french language

sixty-four percent speak german six-point five percent speak Italian and just one percent for romance furthermore the most notable linguistic

fact about german-speaking Switzerland is the use of dialect for spoken communication and standard german for written communication

this makes the task of language learning in German-speaking areas more challenging for foreigners however french is spoken in the west of the

country while Italian is spoken in Ticino and the south of neighboring Graubunden, romance is spoken only in Graubunden

more so you can feel comfortable as a foreign visitor or resident since around five point one percent of the people do speak English and romance is gradually

losing out the ability to speak a national language remains important for integration language courses from weekly classes to

intensive courses are widely available in every region prices and methods vary so it is worth shopping around.

9. The world’s famous invention they created velcro cellophane the swiss army knife absent the potato peeler Helvetica font LSD


edible chocolate gold and milk chocolate just to name a few they were also pioneers in introducing bobsleigh tobogganing and luge’s competitive sport

to the world, swiss scientists are also leading research in using LSD to treat mental illness and pain this country continues to lead the world

in innovation topping the world intellectual property organizations ranking in 2017 for the seventh year in a row ahead of the USA and the UK.

8. Switzerland has 7000 lakes this country is famous not only for its white snow-clad mountains but also for its spectacular lakes the

size and shape of these lakes vary widely and together they have a shoreline of over 1000 km however almost all the cantons in Switzerland host lakes that serve

as important recreational areas east Jinan lake, Bernese Oberland lakes are the best ones to swim in and you have plenty to choose from with

an area of 580.03 kilometers square lake geneva is the largest lake in Switzerland it is shared with France where it’s known as lac lemon The largest lake completely within

Switzerland is lake neutral with a surface area of 218.3 km also this country is home to six percent of Europe’s freshwater stock

of those lakes, 103 have a surface area of less than or at least 30 hectares.

7. world’s longest stairway in a cable car, the world’s longest stairway with 11674 steps can be found alongside the Nissan bond

it’s the longest continuous cable funicular in Europe and has been functioning since 1910 the Nissan bond will take you on the scenic 30-minute ride to the top of the

mountain, it links a lower terminus in the village of melanin and adjacent to melanin station on the Hochberg railway line

with an upper terminus at the summit of the Nissan Furthermore, construction of the line commenced in 1906 and it opened in 1910 the service

stairway for the Nissan funicular is listed by the Guinness book of records as the longest stairway

6. Animals rights in Switzerland, this country is an animal-loving country with several laws protecting the rights of their furry friends

Fun Facts About Switzerland

dogs and pets are allowed in restaurants and can eat inside the restaurant as well. while owners of some pets have to complete a course of a certain duration

on how to take care of them, there are also laws stating that social animals must be kept in pairs so if one of your guinea pigs dies then you have to get another to its company

however, you can even rent out guinea pigs in 2010 they held a referendum on whether animals should have lawyers although it was defeated in Switzerland

as like many places in Europe devastated its wildlife during the last couple of centuries however many populations have rebounded

and continued to do so allowing predators and prey alike to return to the alps.

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5. the people of Switzerland drink a lot of wine the swiss population consumes 36 liters of wine 56.5 liters of beer and 8.4 liters of pure alcohol per person per year

according to a Swiss government study, the major portion of the society who excessive drinking is the age limit where children from 16 can consume beer

wine and even spirit however the country loves the stuff producing about 1 million hectoliters of wine per year and drinking most of it they are fourth

The world’s annual wine consumption guzzles 36 liters of wine per person in 2018 since they only export around two percent of their wine.

you’ll just have to visit Switzerland to get a taste of their homegrown wine as a result, there is about 1 600 alcohol-related death in Switzerland

each year some are caused by boost-fulled accidents while others are caused by the long-term effects of alcoholism such as liver problems

4. 451 mountains and highest peaks in Europe, Switzerland is home to numerous mountains over 3000 meters high a beautiful experience for in-shape

hikers are the Chamonix Zermatt hot route a one-day classic alpine trek that will bring you straight to the well-recognized Matterhorn

they have more high peaks than any other country in Europe with 48 that are above 4 000 meters the two mountain ranges are the alps in the south and east and

the jury in the north and west separated by the swiss plateau which also includes a large number of hills topographically the three most important summits

of Switzerland are those of monte rosa the Finster horn and pis.

3. low unemployment rates since 1999 this country has been experiencing a low unemployment rate in 2017 statistics Switzerland

unemployment rate amounted to 4.8 percent this low number is due to its fairly prosperous and stable economy this country has essentially become the

world’s investment haven over the past several decades and one of the globally leading

economical leaders, furthermore it primarily flourish due to its services sector which partially profits from large amounts of tourism as well as from its

manufacturing sector however due to the country’s low population Switzerland has simultaneously maintained this position since

1999 to date more so majorities of employed workers in the country possess a relatively high level of education and are specialized which essentially

allows for the country to offer high-end jobs with higher wages and often guarantees a higher level of productivity and efficiency.

2. owns lots of guns but has a low crime rate among industrialized nations this the country has won the highest rate of gun ownership, however,

that does not necessarily have to lead to more crime furthermore they actually have one of the lowest crime rates of all industrialized countries it’s important to be noted that the

reason for this great amount of people owning guns mandatory military service after they finish their service all of them are supposed to take their assault

rifles or revolver at home however without ammunition.

1. one most innovative country in the world in 2018 Switzerland ranked first for eight consecutive years as the most innovative country in the world in the

global innovation index however the canton von’s economy has undergone some major transformations based on a study by the Observatoire bcv Phil economy voldois

from a farming-based economy in 1860 to a land of startups today Vaude’s economy is now one of Switzerland’s biggest and fastest-growing

thanks to its large service sector diversified manufacturing base and focus on a niche market.

there are so many uncountable interesting facts about this country but we have managed to bring you ten of them that will help you when traveling

to this country, if your own interesting fact about this country has not been stated means we could not do otherwise and also may

have replaced it with the one that you are not aware of so that you can learn and also share with your family and loved ones please if you have not

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