Green Metaverse Token 2022 | Price Prediction GMT Green Metaverse Token Price

Green Metaverse Token 2022

we will talk about the green metaverse token the crypto market as a whole may see a seesaw event since the market is now volatile with rallies and losses in several projects

have benefited from the process while others are still losing money the green metaverse token appears to be hogging the attention amid all of this the GMT

the cryptocurrency soared over one thousand percent after its debut on the finance exchange the GMT token is stpn’s native token and the Solana powers it

blockchain staking rewards are available for the GMT token as well as the option to burn the tokens via the stp and app jerry Huang and yan rong founded it as a web 3 lifestyle app

with social phi and GameFly elements, GMT provides over 30 percent of total tokens to users according to the stpn project’s official light paper in comparison to 30 percent of

the ecosystem fund is used to support various community development programs and giveaways furthermore around sixteen point three percent will be used for

private sale seven percent for public sale two point five percent for the advisory team and fourteen point two percent for the team the GMT token has a limited supply

of six billion tokens and can be bought on significant exchanges like the mandala exchange BTC ex and others despite the lack of detail information about the native token on

the official website GMT’s finance debut seems to have caught the interest of a few market participants but one should be wary of how volatile the cryptocurrency market

maybe as a result it’s important for people in the crypto market to do a lot of research before making decisions or investing money and to know the risks and act accordingly.

we will talk about the GMT token green metaverse token is stepn’s native token which launched on the Binance exchange on march 9th and has risen over 350 percent in the last

seven days according to the crypto market GMT has gained 60 in the last 24 hours and trading volume has increased by 125 percent, so what’s

behind the crypto rally in GMT to get this answer you’ll need to know what stepn is and how GMT cryptos work stepn a web3 lifestyle app has its own native

token GMT has a gamification design and fun social elements if you have nft sneakers you can earn GMT by walking jogging or running outdoors on the stepn

app GMT can be used to increase your level and mint new sneakers players who buy gmts can use them to access the stp and app features by burning them they

can also upgrade to better gems and participate in governance voting in the in-app marketplace players may also lease or sell their nft sneakers the

gmts earned during this process are stored in the in-app wallet a built-in swap function is included in this wallet according to the stpn project’s official

light paper GMT gives around 30 of the total tokens to users and 30 percent of the ecosystem fund is used for various community development

programs and giveaways due to the massive volatility of newly launched cryptos in general do proper research before putting your money on a cryptocurrency is a high risk

market where you might lose all of your money in a single day so that’s all for this post.

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