How many work weeks in a year? Explain in full details

It is really not possible to answer the question of how many work weeks in a year, accurately but on average

there are 48 working weeks in a year or there are 253 working days in a year and 104 weekend days.

Formula: To calculate the total number of Full-Time work hours during a year,

multiply the hours worked during a week by the total number of weeks in a year that is 52 weeks and then

deducts any hours lost to vacation days and holidays.

how many work weeks in a year
How many work weeks in a year

How many work weeks in a year

we know that there are 52 weeks in a year and all of them are working weeks but it really not possible to answer

the question of how many work weeks in a year, truthfully and accurately

because it depends on so many other things, there are a lot of variables, including which country you are talking about,

how much vacation do they get, the person’s posting levels, how long they have been working under their employer

in that occupation, how much holiday, how much sick time, etc

but we can only estimate the number of working weeks on average.

Everyone knows that there are 365 days in a year unless it’s a leap year which is of 366 days and

there are 52 weeks in a year, and 1 Work Week = 0.0045631783 Years

How to calculate the total number of work weeks 

Now if you are working 8 hours a day working 5 days a week then a typical workweek is considered to be 40 hours.

The united states have 48 working weeks in a year on average

Here’s How the calculation was made

In the US, all 52 weeks of a year are working weeks. Companies usually offer minimally two weeks for holidays,

sick and personal time off with pay, and two vacation weeks also there are various individual days recognized as 10 federal holidays,

and if they don’t fall on the weekdays, then they can be carried away forward or backward. so the average person will get at least 10 days off.

it means you can block off two weeks of the year as non-work weeks. Also, you are getting paid leaves as well

but there is a certain condition for paid leaves, for private-sector employees with over 1 year of experience can get an average rate of 10 days leaves a year.

And for that worker who has experience of 5 years can take a leave of 15 days and it grows steadily from there.

So add at least 2 more weeks to the “non-work” category.

To be very specific of how many weeks out of the year do they worked on average after discounting the weekend off,

I’d say the average is about 48 workweeks.

And there we have it, an average of 48 working weeks a year or 253 working days in a year.

How many working hours are there per year?

According to the report of the US office of personal management, the US federal standard for full-time workers is 2.087 hours.

If you are working 40 hours work week and you are working 9-5 hrs shift and not taking a vacation or personal days off,

then you will work, 2,080 hours per year

Formula : (40 hours/week * 52 weeks) equals 2,080 hours per year,

Now, this supposes that all weeks are paid. What if there are two unpaid weeks of vacation?

Now 40 hours a week with 50 weeks in the year having two unpaid leaves would equal 2000 hours.

Remember that not all employees work 40 hours a week some Full-time employees only work 35 hours a week

that is (35 hours/week * 52 weeks) which comes to 1,820 hours per year.

also, the working hours vary depending on the country.

Average Working hours per year in Various Countries

Now the average number of working weeks per year and the length of the workweeks vary by country.

So OECD Ranking measured the work in average hours per year

Below is the OECD Ranking as of 2019 of Average Annual hours actually worked per worker from Wikipedia:

The graph below shows the average working hours in various countries

How many work weeks in a year
How many work weeks in a year


On Average Full-Time employees work 2,148 hours per year according to OECD Ranking.

Mexico law permits every person to work a maximum of 48 hours per week but there are certain loopholes

due to this it is rarely enforced and violates the labor rights in Mexico.

United States

On average full-time employees work 1,786 hours per year which is about 8.4 hrs per workday and for women

full-time workers, it is about 7.8 hours per workday.

Also, there is an intense pressure of working, which left no minimum amount of paid time off for holiday,

sickness but if you are a full-time worker you can have a paid vacation time.

How many hours should you be working per week?

There is a lot of myths, assumption circulating in the entrepreneur community and space around

how many hours people work and how many hours should you be working

I’m gonna clarify all the myths and go straight down to the biological science of how many hours of work we have in a week.

so I’m gonna give you the exact number of working hours per week that you should be looking at hitting when it comes to peak productivity.

The magic number in the number of hours a week you should be working is actually a rang.

And the range is between 35 to 48 hrs.

This 35- 48 hrs Range represent years and a hundred of scientific studies of how productive people can be and

when they experience burn out,

when they are commutative, function start to go down. Just because you can work 12 hrs a day doesn’t mean you should,

Really we are not robots.

History of the workweek in a year?

Let’s take a look at why we had 8 hours workday, to begin with, it seems that it all started with the Industrial Revolution.

In the late 18th century factories needed employees working almost 24/7 to maximize their output and the 10-16 hours workday became standard.

But then Robert Owen a welsh textile manufacturer and utopian socialist came along and suggested the

8 hours workdays, with a campaign saying

8 hours of labor, 8 hours of recreation, 8 hours of rest, which leads to 40 hours work week

After that Hendry Ford implemented the idea which meant a steep rise in productivity and impacted

how other companies put people to work.

But famous economist John Maynard Keynes believed even the 40 hours of work week wouldn’t last forever,

In 1930 he predicted that by today we would only be working 15 hours a week assuming that

humanity would have essentially overcome the economic problem of scarcity.

Now the situation is far from Keynes’s prediction and now it totally depends upon the government laws.


so here’s the end of the discussion on the topic of how many work weeks in a year and I tried my best to give a detailed analysis

of the topic leaving no stones uncovered and you can always share your feedback or any kind of experience

about this topic on the comments below.

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