If SHIBA INU TOKEN keeps burning then what will happen?

Today we’re going to talk about if SHIBA INU TOKEN BURN can dramatically increase the price of Shiba Inu coin people are talking about a coin or a

tokens price a lot of times it’ll get down to a discussion about market capitalization it’s frequently discussed and it’s often dismissed as irrelevant and a


comparison is often made to dogecoin and the doubters that it had when it was very young in its life cycle that we’re saying that it could not

get up to XYZ price because the market cap and the amount of money that would need to be invested into dogecoin just wasn’t there in order

for that to take off and we all know that was all proven wrong when you know dogecoin went up to I think it

was 73 cents per coin value before coming back down with almost all of the rest of the cryptocurrencies but market capitalization

is super relevant to any cryptocurrency and any stock for that matter and it’s not some mysterious boogeyman that has a vendetta

against Sheba, it’s really just math and it is just the price of the token times the amount that is in circulation, and it

represents the total amount of money that is invested into any coin any token or into any stock as well and the way that this can change

if you increase the inflow of dollars into a cryptocurrency or you decrease the number of tokens available it will cause the per coin price to go up

in the case of the Sheba Inu coin it has a massive number of outstanding tokens in circulation and what that does is it ends up keeping

a lid on the price because there are just so many of them out there as a matter of fact it’s one of the cryptocurrencies with

the most tokens in circulation which really does keep a lid on the total price and this are about the time that people usually start saying the dogecoin did it

dodge coin did it does coin did it dogecoin did it and that’s true dogecoin defied skeptics and it really blew up to huge levels but dogecoin has

Two unique advantages over the Shiba Inu coin

1. At the moment number one is that it has support from major celebrities who have large followings and are very much

intertwined in the cryptocurrency and investment world right now and have kind of been underdogs for a lot of the time up until about now

The biggest one obviously Elon musk is tesla company has always been heavily shorted it’s always been said that it’s not going to make it and

he always defies expectations ends up delivering and the price of that company continues to go up the same thing as his SpaceX

nobody thought that he could get that off the ground and he is literally off the ground and into space and shooting for mars he

has been pumping up dogecoin like nobody’s business almost every time that he talks about it it goes up quite a bit

another one is mark Cuban he hasn’t been as big of a pump artist as Elon musk but his Dallas Mavericks are accepting dodge coin for transactions and

he is in general in favor of the cryptocurrency

2. the other again is that dogecoin has a much smaller amount of coins in circulation 1.29 billion versus Sheba’s 395 trillion coins in circulation and that

means that Shiba has 306 000 percent more coins in circulation the coins or tokens in circulation is what is the key difference between

these two cryptos and it’s when you start talking about how many coins are in circulation that people start talking about the burn

not that burn but the burning of tokens to reduce the amount of outstanding circulation in order to bring the price of the remaining coins

up in value as there are fewer in circulation one of the most cited examples of this are the coin burn

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from basilic buterin he was initially given half of the Shiba Inu total coins which was one quadrillion total which is a

a gigantic number so he ended up having about 500 trillion Sheba new tokens now he didn’t really want that,

that was given to him by the creators this sort of a publicity stunt so what he did was he donated 10 of that to the India covid

relief fund and although that was got some great publicity and it was very generous that ended up starting to tank the coin as well as

other world events as far as cryptocurrencies and again Elon musk he’s not going to take bitcoin it pretty much tanked the entire

cryptocurrency market he then took the remaining 90 of what he had remaining and announced that he was going to

burn that completely send it to a wallet with no access and then donate the other uh 10 out of the uh 90 remaining to a charity and that’s

something to also look for whenever he does that because that will also be another major amount of coins being put essentially

into circulation that was supposed to be out of circulation and that could put pressure on the coin downward the thing is that that has

already happened that coin burn has already happened and those coins were never in circulation, to begin with, if you look

at the market cap right now you can see that there are 395 trillion coins in the current circulation you can look on coinbase you can look at crypto.com

you can look at the coin market cap

Shiba swap platform

the next way to get some of these tokens off the market is when and if the Shiba swap platform and people want to farm or stake their

tokens in order to gain a return that will effectively take those tokens out of circulation and should put upward pressure on

the token as there’s less available in the market, there is also talk of people taking and burning their own tokens to decrease

the overall supply and while that technically would work I’m not about to destroy my own assets in order to prop

up the coin, if it can’t stand on its own I’m probably going to go to just a different coin to invest in or put bets in but as we are about to see from

what we get into next is

How a feudal really burning a million or a billion coins will end up being in the grand scheme of things?

how many coins what percentage of the coins or tokens could be burned by any of these three methods by either just burning your own coins

or staking or farming them because even if ten percent of the circulation was taken out of circulation, you would still be left with

355 trillion tokens and so that is just barely a dent in it and you know if you look at  20 or 30 you can do the numbers on that

you’re still left with hundreds of trillions of tokens and so just to make a comparison if you used dogecoin’s market capital

that’s right now at about 43 billion dollars and that’s a 12 and a quarter times Sheba’s 3.5 billion dollar market cap right now and

you wanted to try to achieve a price of one cent which is what a lot of folks have been hyping up as a one-cent price

for shiba Inu, you would have to burn down to three or four point three trillion tokens remaining to leave only 1.08

percent of the original supply intact which is a burn rate of nearly 99 and I just don’t know how we would get to a burn rate of 99

now if you compare that to bitcoin’s market cap if you had the market cap of bitcoin which is uh 713 billion dollars at the

time of recording this which is again 204 times the 3.5 billion dollar market cap of Shiba Inu you would have to burn down to

71.3 trillion Shiba in order to get to that one cent mark which would leave you with about 18 percent of the original circulating supply

and that it would uh imply an 82 burn rate to get to a one-cent valuation for Shiba Inu with a bitcoin market cap of 713

billion dollars so as you can see burning down the number of coins or tokens in circulation is really not feasible it’s not

something that I think is going to happen in either the near or really the long-term future but the thing is guys none of this really

matters we don’t have to burn the coins off we don’t have to get down to you know 4.3 trillion coins we don’t have to get

to a one-cent valuation or one dollar valuation because Shiba Inu was never meant to compete with dogecoin on a price per coin basis or any other

coin on a price per coin basis though the wolf paper clearly states that Shiba can outpace the value of dogecoin exponentially without ever crossing the

one cent mark and that’s very key right there is without ever crossing the one-cent mark because although I think they

mixed up value for return as far as a percentage return it’s clear that they intend for Shiba new token to remain very inexpensive while

offering very large percentage returns and you can find all this on page 11 of the wolf paper their you know humorous version of the white paper

so it doesn’t matter if the price per coin is 1 million dollars or 1 millionth of a dollar or 1 millionth of a cent it doesn’t make

any difference whatsoever because a percentage return is equal across the board.

Now the price prediction for the Shiba Inu token I think that a price point of .0001 is pretty reasonable and without a

massive burn off of coins that I just don’t think is even reasonable that it will you know not to get up to a dollar or a cent anytime

soon and I don’t think that that was ever the intention of the developers who made the thing so there you have it

guys, I don’t think that we can burn enough coins and I don’t think that there’s any need to burn enough coins to get this up to one cent

or one dollar or ten dollars or whatever because there is a ton of money to be made in the percentage swings of any size coin you know anywhere.

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