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Top 5 Big Update of Kishu Inu coin in 2022?

Today we will talk about five secrets you may not know about Kishu Inu, and kishu inu Big update in 2022 here is the list:

Top 5 Big Update of Kishu Inu coin in 2022

  • Kishu Inu as a Payment Method

Giftchill an International gift card selling platform has just announced it will be Listing Kishu Inu as a Payment method as customers check out their product.

After the recent success with listing both Shiba Inu, Dogecoin gift chill is proud to announce its partnership with Kishu as well.

  • Kishu Inu Involvement with NFT PETS Platform

The most popular crypto coin is familiar with a Market pet, Investors can purchase a Micropet token as Micro pets announced the pet Nfts Platform on BSC,

so Kishu Inu will be getting its very own minted NFTS on the Micro pets NFTs marketplace.

  • Kishu Inu Coin Donation in south America

Kishu Inu Community has Donated a year worth of medicine, food, and hygiene products to a renowned dog Protection center in Brazil,

Recently we engaged in donating small, but meaningful gifts to schools and all the children in it in Brazil. Over 2100 children have shown us their beautiful smiles of happiness and gratitude, and we couldn’t be happier.

  • Kishu Inu Incredible Growth

Kishu Inu within the first months of launch Kishu made history by surpassing a 2Billion Market cap and over 100,000 holders, and in the last six months alone the coin has given us more than 43226% return.

This was an unprecedented milestone for a project of its kind. Kishu Charity and the Diamond-handed community kishu can continue to grow to a higher level in the future.

we want to hear from you guys What is your Favorite part about Kishu Inu? do share in a comment below.

  • Kishu Inu Coin Upcoming listing on Big Exchange

Kishu Inu next move will be listing on Top Exchanges like CoinBase, Binance, Kucoin to read more details about this check here

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