KISHU WILL BE LISTED ON COINBASE? will Coinbase list kishu inu watch read the end to find out meme coins inspired by dogecoin is taking over the crypto market in an

attempt to follow in doge’s footsteps other similar mean coins are now competing for investor attention and attempting to take the crypto world by

storm Shiba inu is the most well-known doge imitation at the moment designed after the same breed of Japanese dogs as

the dogecoin mascot but there are a few more all with similarly themed names and all in an attempt to stand out from the rest



Kishu Inu is a new cryptocurrency that has recently emerged in the cryptocurrency industry and is attempting to climb the Coinbase list

kishu’s major goal is to make popular cryptocurrency concepts more accessible to the general public unlike similar coins it features cutting-edge concepts

like participation rewards nfts decentralized exchanges and much more within a month of its release the cryptocurrency made history by

surpassing the market cap of 2 billion and gaining over 100 000 users coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted in June that coinbase’s goal was to list

every asset it was legally able to coinbase knows that investors want access to a wider range of coins and if coinbase doesn’t provide it to investors

will move to its competitors that’s why coinbase says it wants to be the first to issue new coins coinbase has listed shiba inu and dogecoin so there is a

very high chance that it will also list kishuinu coinbase currently lists around 70 currencies in us though they’re not all available in every state

armstrong told CNBC in April that the company is considering listing 100 more coins there are some conditions for being listed on coinbase like with new

projects the team is not allowed to make announcements related to the profit when investing tokens having a real use case

the platform needs to be linked to the intended use can support the participants helping to eliminate the projects that are not really good in

potential projects do not include the ultimate beneficial owner information about the final rights of the project owner or the

development team in addition, the project can still raise funds on other means the project will reduce the chances of being listed on

coinbase if it is affiliated with an untrustworthy party and it looks like kishu Inu fulfills the above conditions coinbase has listed shiba inu in

dogecoin so we can say that kishu is a step closer towards coinbase listing kishu’s launch on coinbase will let millions of traders purchase it which is

great news for the cryptocurrency shiba inu’s price increased by around 35 percent after it was listed if coinbase lists kishu a price increase in the

double or triple digits is possible the acceptance of kishu on one of the biggest crypto exchanges in us will show that with enough demand and a solid

the community has the potential to grow into something much larger.

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