Lovely inu coin Binance Listing update | lovely Inu 1$ price prediction 2021 [Detailed]


Today we will talk about the listing of Lovely Inu coin Binance Listing and their aim to grow token price from 0.00000001$ to 1$ in the year 2021. also, we will discuss the price of the Lovely Inu coin.

The big update coming about lovely Inu coin is about the listing of its coin in Binance as they have removed the roadmap which includes Binance from their white paper. The previous white paper include roadmap which contains Binance but the new white paper excludes the roadmap list.

Lovely inu coin Binance Listing
Lovely inu coin Binance Listing update 2021

There can be two reasons for such action

  1. The number one reason can be, Lovely Inu is taking more time to get processed to get listed in Binance or maybe getting delay for it or maybe they have submitted the application but they didn’t get the approval as Binance is the biggest crypto exchange platform in the world, so it takes a bit of time.
  2. the second reason can be as they don’t want their all investor to get to know about the listing of Lovely Inu coin in Binance because after listing in Binance, the price of lovely Inu coins will increase drastically which lead more investor to buy the coin and they will book the profit and the price will automatically dumb. So they don’t want to create chaos that’s why remove the roadmap from their white paper.

One of the good updates for Lovely Inu investors is that the LOVELY INU FINANCE, the official Twitter account of Lovely Inu finance started following BINANCE @binance which give the positive sign for their listing in it.

This all point creates a strong probability for Lovely inu coin Binance Listing and soon the dates will announce in end of September as I guess.

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As the price of the lovely Inu coin is falling for the past few days and the ups and downs in the graph puts a big doubt in their vision of growing its token price to 1$ within 2021.

as there are only 2-3 months left and if the lovely coin is listed on Binance and completed all its four burning events and listed the coin on a different exchange

then also it is very difficult to raise the token price to 1$ but I must tell you one thing the crypto market is very volatile and can give you the return of 1000X in 1 day only

so it may be possible if some miracle happens then the price of Lovely coin will reach 1$ otherwise the Lovely Inu developer have to make various efforts

like listing on different crypto exchanges, burning of its total supply, increasing of Lovely Inu community which is currently 20,000 holders at present and must

complete all its roadmap then only Lovely coin has a chance to reach its aim and make a record.

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Disclaimer: I am not a registered financial advisor so do your own research and analysis before investing in any crypto coin.

Lovely inu coin Binance Listing – White paper ने किया Confirm 🔥

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