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Today we gonna discuss Lovely Inu coin Bitmart listing, so a big update coming from the lovely Inu finance developer, also we gonna discuss the Five Million Bitmart giveaway and how to avail them and lovely Inu coin latest news update. so stick to the end of this post.

lovely Inu coin Bitmart Listing 2021

lovely Inu coin Bitmart Listing

A big update is coming from the lovely Inu developer, they have recently tweeted on their Twitter handle that Lovely Inu coin is on the top of Bitmart crypto exchange

meaning Lovely Inu coin is one of the top-performing coins in Bitmart exchange which means that more and more people started buying Lovely Inu coin

and one of the reasons is they all know that after the huge crypto crash only Lovely Inu coin recovered within one-two days

so now all know that the Lovely Inu coin has huge potential to grow in the future, so now we are a family of 19000 members and still counting

so lovely Inu community is growing day by day, so this coin has given a good profit to Bitmart exchange as a result of that

changes of listing of lovely coin on another big trading platform will increase and when there is more listing of this coin the price will pump automatically.

If you see the roadmap of Lovely Inu coin then there you will see Lovely Inu developer will list Lovely coin on Binance which is the biggest crypto exchange platform.

Bitmart X Lovely Inu Finance AirDrops [ 5,000,000 Giveaway]

Bitmart crypto exchange has come up with the new giveaway of Lovely Inu coin called ” Bitmart X Lovely AirDrops”

Basically, they will pick randomly 4000 users and give each user 5,000,000 Lovely Inu coins which are awesome

How to participate in Bitmart Giveaway

  • The first step is, you need to follow BitMartExchange and Lovely_finance Twitter Handel
  • The second step is, you need to join the Lovely Inu coin official Telegram group
  • The third step is to RT and tags your three friends
  • The fourth step is to fill out the registration form of the Lovely Inu social media proof, you need to enter your Twitter account details, telegram account details, Bitmart account details also, you need to provide screenshots of all the social media follow up proof that you have followed the above-mentioned group
  • So that all 4000 lucky winners will get 5,000,000 Lovely coin

Note: This giveaway will end on 22 September 2021 at 10:00 AM EDT so please participate in this giveaway before 22 September.

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lovely Inu coin Bitmart Listing,Ā Top Coins on BitmartšŸ”„Lovely Inu Coin Updates


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