Today we’re going to be looking at a lovely Inu coin so this is a meme token lovely Inu coin, it’s labeled the rise of the meme token revolution

so that’s the tag line for this coin  everybody knows about the Inu coins there are so many of them Shiba Inu all these dog meme coins this one’s

lovely Inu I mean there’s a lot of these meme coins these days right and some of them have utility some of them have no utility

some of them are charity coins a lot of them are hyper deflationary so yeah we’ll get into this in one second before that a quick disclaimer

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor this is not financial advice all crypto has risks so just be careful and do your own research before investing so

I’m not telling you to buy this coin I’m just relaying some information here

lovely inu coin

what is a lovely Inu coin? [Detailed Guide]

so what they’re saying is their vision is to make the record by growing token price from point zero zero zero zero zero zero

whatever one to one dollar in the year 2021 so they do have a link to buy tokens on their website is the website and they have

a white paper listed on you could read their white paper it says get a lovely token, take part in our quest to the moon by contributing your BnB in the pre-sale

so they have a link here where you could put in some money for the pre-sale here and then purchase some coins

so it says, little love dream big lovely Inu is a community-focused decentralized cryptocurrency with attractive rewards for holders

join the moon mission you can also find a link for a hot bit so it says they are listed on the hot bit which is great because if you’re

interested in this coin I do have a referral code you can check it out

Click here:

hot bits and that is one of my favorite apps for making passive income by either staking or putting your crypto into like defy pools or

you know do some defy farming and put it in liquidity pools things like that right so take advantage

of the celsius referral link, I believe that one’s for forty dollars where you can get some free crypto stake your coins stuff like that so

it also says lovely staking here starts in 11 days 11 hours and 37 minutes so I’m not sure if that’s on hot bit or what but it says

there’s gonna be lovely sticking I’m assuming it’s on the hot bit.

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Lovely Inu Coin Breaking News 🔥 Lovely Inu Coin News Updates

Lovely Coin Swap or lovely swap?

so lovely swap also starts in 11 days 11 hours and that’s when I’m publishing this article that’s not just look at the upload date

so this is a community-powered coin lovely is fully decentralized and owned by its love and vibrant community, we welcome and embrace diverse

perspectives to build lovely into the best community in crypto so attractive rewards for every top 10 buyers in lovely network

every day basically every 24 hours the buyers will get 30 percent more of their purchase one percent of the holding amount will

be distributed every day until 30 days that means listed top 10 buyers were will earn lovely just by holding it, we’ll keep

distributing new and attractive rewards every week in the lovely network and it says safe and secure lovely has been audited that means zero risk

are investors from potential bad actors so a lot of people are worried about coins being a scam so this one says that it’s completely

audited it’s got a road map listed on the website, website launch audit campaign pre-sale reward program and right now it says on the roadmap

there on public sale unencrypt so then you can download the documents the peer-reviewed electron you know all

sorts of papers here it shows the founding team on here and yeah and that’s basically about it so you can go on the website check it

out for yourself check out the white paper check out all the things on there make sure you take advantage of those referral codes down

Check Here:

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