Lovely Inu Hideous Listing | @Hideous_coin will be listed on #HOTBIT on 27 Sep 2021

The token of lovely Inu coin that is hideous finance coin is going to listed again after the close of hideous ILO on 14 September 2021 in lovely launchpad.

Now the Hideous coin will be listed on #HOTBIT. The deposit of hideous coin will open on 27 September 2021 from 8:00 AM UTC. At this date, you can start depositing money to hideous finance coins in HOTBIT (crypto exchange platform).

Hideous coin will be listed on HOTBIT


And the trading of hideous coins will start in HOTBIT on 27 September 2021 from 10:00 AM UTC. From this time, your deposited money will start trading.

Those who have wanted to invest in hideous token coins earlier but unfortunately can not invest in the earlier trading lists in Lovely Launchpad can invest now from Hotbit

and have a greater chance of having 1000x return as we have all seen in Dr. skull token listing. so you all have the best time to invest in it.

How listing of Hideous coin in HOTBIT will help Lovely Inu coin Investor

After the listing of the hideous coin in Hotbit,(the crypto exchange platform) the number of traders in the hideous token  will increase, and as

HOTBIT itself contains a large number of investors which leads people to research more about the Hideous coin and as the hideous token is a part of the Lovely Inu coin,

so the old and new trader gets to know about the lovely Inu coin as well. This will automatically boost the volume of Lovely Inu coins as a result of the price of the Lovely Inu coin pump.

So directly or indirectly it will help the Lovely Inu community to grow. As we know the number of holders of the Lovely Inu coin increasing day by day. Now we are the family of 20000 holders and still counting.

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