Lovely Inu Coin latest news today 2021 | ELON MUSK TWEET ABOUT LOVELY INU COIN

Today we are going to discuss Lovely Inu Coin latest news today and all the latest update on lovely Inu coin especially Elon Musk’s tweet about Lovely Inu coin, or we can say Elon Musk Promote Lovely coin indirectly? also, there is a big pump in the price of lovely Inu coin.

Lovely Inu Coin latest news today?

Lovely Inu Coin latest news today

If we see the current price of the Lovely Inu coin then it is 0.0000006018 USD and yesterday its price is below 50 but today Lovely Inu has recovered its price and

given a pump of almost 12% in the last 24 hours, so it’s good news that lovely Inu coin price started pumping again as compared to the last two days

if you will analysis the chart of lovely Inu price then you will see that the price is stable now and it’s a good sign because after the stable period is over lovely inu today news

then there is a high probability that the price will rise again as all the small retail profit booking will be over.

If you go to bscscan website you can see that the number of holders of Lovely Inu coin is increasing day by day and currently we have 17000 holders of Lovely coin.

and the total supply of the coin is reduced to 80 Trillion [80,000,000,000,000 Lovely] so its supply is also decreasing day by day which is a good sign for the Lovely Inu community

as we have various burning events of lovely coin and in each event, they burn 5 trillion Lovely coin you can read more about lovely Inu burning events here.


The biggest news about the lovely Inu coin is the tweet from Elon musk which is

What is Love?

and in this tweet of Elon Musk, Lovely Inu Informer retweeted it and said its Lovely inu @Lovely-finance

so it’s big news as Elon Musk is found of ALTCOINS or meme coin lover and always promoted them like the Shiba Inu coin, Dogecoin, Babydoge coin, and in the future if Elon musk will promote this coin

directly then definitely it will make its investors millionaire.

after this many of the users started sharing Lovely Inu photos in biscuits and in India many markets use Lovely Inu coin as an exchange for money in the form of a bar code scanner

just like phone pay, google pay etc, you can see in the image as well and this is really awesome as it signifies that the Lovely coin community is growing day by day

and as a result of that price will pump automatically, so this is all about lovely inu coin latest news today, you can check the video for more details.

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Lovely Inu BIGGEST Update, Elon Musk Promote Lovely | Lovely Inu Coin latest news


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