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Hello everyone my name is Anuj and today we will discuss the lovely Inu coin listing of Lovely Inu Finance, this token has launched itself on 5 different exchanges on the day of its Launch.

By listening to this news that lovely Inu coin has been listed on 5 different exchanges all crypto markets become excited to know more about this coin

and as a result of that, this coin gave 3 to 4X return to its investors.

Now let’s weather the lovely Inu coin is listed on 5 different exchanges or not? and How much percentage return it has given to its investors.

Disclaimer: This article is based on My Opinion and this is not financial advice at all in any way. so Invest at your own risk

now when you will visit the lovely Inu finance website you will get all the updates from there, the main reason why the lovely Inu coin

is trending in the market is because of its vision which is to make the record by growing token price from 0.00000001$ to 1$ in the year 2021

lovely inu coin listing

lovely Inu coin listing

Now talking about the roadmap of Lovely Inu coin whether it has followed its path or not?

They have said that they will list Lovely Inu token to Five different Listing the names are as follows

  • LATOKEN: Listing Done
  • HOTBIT: Listing Done
  • P2PB2B: Listing Done
  • BKEX: Listing Done
  • BITMART: Listing Done

out of 5 listings, three are major listings which are BITMART, HOTBIT, and LATOKEN, if you talk about its ranking it is above 100 plus

if you check it on Coinmarket Cap, now lovely Inu coin has not targeted any kind of Big Exchange listing Like Binance, coinbase pro, Hobiglobal, etc

but they have said to list their coin on 5 different exchanges like BITMART, HOTBIT and LATOKEN, they kept their promise and stick to its Roadmap and really listed there

so what this indicates is they stick to their schedule and maintain their Roadmap and they not only just tell but also kept their words

which is the things to be considered and you can check as well.


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  1. i would like to buy the lovely inu so please tell me the which sites are contain the lovely inu i already search in wezirx and coindcx but there is no available please tell me.


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