Lovely Inu Coin Price Prediction | Lovely Inu Meme Coin update 2021 | [Detailed]

so today we will discuss the reality of the lovely Inu coin and details analysis of the Lovely Inu Coin Price Prediction also at the end of this post I will be sharing what is the right time to invest or entry points that will give you maximum return in lovely Inu coin,

If you follow all the tips then definitely you will never lose your money on meme coins, so in short, this article is very helpful for you,

so let’s get started, Before that a quick

Disclaimer: This article is only for information and education purposes. This is not a piece of financial advice. We request you to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency, STOCK & Any others. We are not responsible for your profit or loss & we will not be liable in any case. Invest only the amount which you can afford to lose as the crypto market is very volatile and risky.

Lovely Inu Coin Price Prediction in Details

Lovely Inu Coin Price Prediction
Lovely Inu Coin Price Prediction [The Ultimate Guide]
First of all lovely Inu coin is not listed on any crypto platform so to get any kind of information we need to visit its official website which is

on its official website, they mention their aim which is to make a record of growing lovely Inu token price from what it is today which is 0.0000000001$ to 1$ by the end of the year 2021

Now if you will go down you will see that 99.9% of coins burned confirmed of lovely Inu coin also lovely Inu coins will be launched on five different exchanges

and only they have disclosed the names of two exchanges which is HOTBIT and LATOKEN and the rest three exchanges they will launch soon as surprise exchanges

Also, they have talked about their security and safety features that lovely Inu coin has been audited meaning investor has zero risks for their money invested in Lovely Inu token.

RoadMap of Lovely Inu Coin

so now we will discuss the Road Map of the lovely Inu coin that what is the path it will travel, what is the idea, business model, concept, and development.

  • Website: lovely Inu website launched on 5 different exchanges aim to make the value of its coin 1$ by 2021
  • Nebula Audit: Lovely Inu coin is fully secured and has zero percentage risk for its investors as the coin was audited
  • Bounty campaign + per sale started for lovely Inu coin
  • Reward program for pre-sale participants
  • Public sale on LAToken and encrypt
  • Liquidity locked for encrypting for 1 year

and many more you can read on its official website, lovely Inu coin will soon launch its crypto wallet if you will read carefully it is said that the coin will list on the Binance platform.

In the future, Lovely Inu will launch its own exchange in future, so this is the complete road map for lovely Inu coin and it is too good, let see how it goes

but till now its roadmap is going on as they said with proper steps and if it continues like this then soon they will achieve their goal.



Lovely Inu Price Prediction 🚀 Pumping Start | Lovely Inu News

Whether you should Buy a Lovely Inu coin or not?

To be honest with you this type of meme coin comes like a wave and if you book the profit with that wave meaning if you book your profit when the going is in the initial step

and because of hype if you book profit then it is good to buy but if you got trapped in the wave and hold the coin thinking that it will go up more and then suddenly market dump then

it is very much difficult for this type of meme coin to go up again,

the reason why I am saying this is not every meme coin will become dogecoin nor every meme coin will be promoted by Elon musk, so buy at your own risk.

How to buy a Lovely Inu coin?

you can buy lovely Inu coins from Pancakeswap website, Bitmart, P2PB2B, HOTBIT 

You can easily buy lovely Inu coins for swipe feature and HOTBIT is one of the leading platforms to buy this meme coin but

it is a bit difficult for Indian users to buy this coin as they have to first convert their money to USDT and then only they can buy the Lovely Inu coin,

But it is not a big issue at all if you find it difficult you can comment below,

Lovely Inu Coin Price Predication

Lovely Inu Coin Price Prediction

when lovely Inu coin is listed on the Hotbit exchange its the opening price is 0.00000005 and the

All-time high of this coin was 0.0000000788

so that means on the listing day only this coin gave us a profit of 57.6% 

And talking about the current price of this coin is 0.000000012 which is 76% down from its listing price

Now talking about the main thing is

Total Supply of Lovely Inu coin: 100 quad- Trillion

but talking about the current Total supply which is only 95 trillion

They also said the reason that is they have burned 99.9% coin so they are left with 100 trillion coin

Now after that on 1st August 2021 they burned 5 Trillion coins so we are left with 95 trillion coins,

Now we have more than seven burning events of Lovely Inu coin and in every burning event they will burn 5 trillion coins which is equal to 35 trillion coins which are huge,

so after all the burning events will be done then we are left with only 60 trillion coins.

Now if we talk about the lovely Inu coin aim to reach 1$ in 2021 then the coin must pump 625000000000% which is 625 billion pumps which is nearly impossible from its current price of 0.000000012

but if it follows its current roadmap and if it somehow got listed on the Binance website then it may pump because in the crypto market anything is possible

because of the high risk so the return will also be high and the lovely Inu community is not so much strong and it is also not followed by any big celebrity

so you believe it or not all the meme coin is somehow related to its community also if you want to invest in this coin then I suggest you put only the amount of money which you are ready to lose

so this is all about Lovely Inu Coin Price Prediction, hope you like my little effort if you did then do like this article and share it with your friends.



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  1. The lovely inu now seems is clearly approaching the right path! I suggest $1 price now is almost always on it’s way, I got it on latoken and already pumping towards that right


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