lovely Inu Coin price Today 2021 | Lovely Inu coin 1$ confirm? | LOVELY INU ADMIN REPLY

Hello friends Today we will discuss the lovely Inu Coin price Today on 21 September 2021, will Lovely Inu coin reach 1$ in 2021 also we will discuss the Lovely Inu coin admin reply about upcoming plans of Lovely coin and secrets

and whether you will sell the coin or hold it we will discuss this as well so stick to the end of this post to get complete information before starting a quick

Disclaimer: I am not a registered Financial advisor this post is only for educational purposes, so do your own research before investing in any kind of crypto coin as the crypto market is very risky.

lovely Inu Coin price Today 2021| will it reach 1$ in 2021

lovely Inu Coin price Today
lovely Inu Coin price Today on 21st September update will it reach 1$ in 2021

As the negative news coming in the market is that the developer of the Lovely Inu coin is not taking any action for the listing and work process for their coin to reach 1$ in the year 2021 as the price of the Lovely Inu coin is getting down for few days.

This put thought and doubt in new and small investors what whether the price of Lovely Inu coin will reach 1$ or not. So let’s talk about whether its price gonna rise or it’s a scam.

Due to negative news, the investor starts to question the developer of the Lovely Inu coin about their work process and upcoming event. So in return, the admin (MAJIZUO) of the official telegram account of Lovely Inu Finance gave a reply which stated


As the price of coins is low now. So it’s a good time to buy it. The coin price is just 0.0000002727 and regrowth of nearly 8%. But it will grow after the burning event in October and the upcoming event. One of the reasons behind the low price is the crypto market which is down for few days even the price of bitcoin is facing a downfall.


Lovely Inu coin price today

“I already explained it. But I will explain it again. For now, we have lovely products such as lovely swap, lovely launchpad, lovely farm, and pools,

these products will help the project to attract more investors and to pump the price. Also for our Total supply once we finish the burning event this October we have 60T but we don’t know yet if the team will make another burning event. And lots of plan but I can’t disclose it here”

Lovely Inu coins have a total supply of 75T but after the three burning events till October, they will have 65T. So burning event is a key for their price to rise. Without more events, it is impossible to reach 1$ within October.

So the question arises whether there will be more burning events or not?

So let’s talk about it with analysis. According to admin words, there are more chances of having a burning event after October but they don’t want to disclose it. To reach 1$ or close to it they have to do a burning event in the future.

The reason they don’t want to disclose is that they don’t want their all investor to know about it as it will lead investors to book the profit and dump the price. This can make their market price low.

So you investors shouldn’t worry about the recent price drop and try to hold on to your coin because the upcoming event will help to raise the price. So don’t sell your coin in panic, otherwise, you have to bear more loss.


The price of Lovely Inu coin will pump as they have their burning event today(21 September). At this event, they will burn 5T coins which decrease their supply to 70T.

This lead to the scarcity of coin which automatically pumps the price as demand will be more than supply.

There will be two more consecutive burning events after today which help to decrease the supply to 60T and pumps the market price.

The price may not reach 1$ but will definitely reach somewhere close to it which also will be a good price for a great profit. So be psychologically strong for the ups and downs of the market and hold on to your price.

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lovely Inu Coin price Today | जानिए क्यों गिर रहा है | lovely inu Pump कब करेगी जानो

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