Lovely INU Coin Price | Lovely Inu is going to make everyone CROREPATI in 2021?

Hi everyone Anuj here and a lot of you have requested me about the lovely Inu coin price and will Lovely Inu is going to make everyone CROREPATI in 2021?

I also bought this coin, and what quantity of lovely Inu tokens I bought will tell you at the end of this post but first read the full article completely

so that you don’t make any losses on your investment and please do your own research properly or talk to your financial advisor

before investing in a lovely Inu coin or in any crypto coin, and yes you should purchase that much amount only which you can lose

or in the future, you did not regret it at all that why I bought this coin, I am not a financial advisor, you can read the disclaimer.

Lovely Inu coin Price

Lovely INU Coin Price

when you will visit their website their they have mentioned their aim which is to make a record by growing the price of lovely Inu coin to 1$ in 2021

and I think maximum people have bought this coin by reading this statement only without thinking about its utility, technical analysis, market cap, supply, etc

Now lovely Inu is an Indian cryptocurrency and all its developers are Indians. Yes it is true that lovely inu not only just tell anything but also work on it

as they have listed on 5 different exchanges on the day of its launch as they said, they launched their lovely swap, Launchpad

also, they have launched their second crypto on the 10th of august which is called Dr. skull Token and it is live on the lovely Inu website you can easily buy or sell it

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will lovely Inu coin Price grow up to 1$?

I am gonna explain to you this with an amazing calculation, that what lovely Inu says and if it does then what will happen?

so let us suppose that we gonna invest only 100 rupees in Lovely Inu coin

if we divide 100 by 0.00000072 then we get

100/0.00000072 = 138,888,888.8888 

so basically we get nearly 13Crore lovely coin

now if we think that at the time of selling they charge some coin or take some coin as transaction gasp fees,

let suppose they as taken 6% as a gasp fee 

which is equal to 8,333,333.3333

so basically what I’m trying to say is, you just ask yourself that is it possible any of the cryptocurrency that today if I buy it for 100 rupees

and after 5 months the same cryptocurrency I will sell in the market and I will earn 13 crores rupees, is it really possible

you all are smart enough to decide it by yourself is it true or not?

and Honestly speaking I didn’t invest any big amount in this coin, I have invested only 1000 rupees, and definitely, I am not recommending you to buy this coin

please do your own research and technical analysis and then only invest in it.

Now as you know I do not buy any crypto coin without doing proper research and technical analysis

first of all, talking about its aim to reach 1$

Though they are making various updates, launched their coin on different exchanges, yet I think it is very difficult for lovely Inu coin to reach 1$ at the end of the year 2021

one of the biggest positive points about lovely Inu coin is its Burn Events and its Give away

if you will read the lovely Inu white paper there they have mentioned about lovely Swap also they are going to launch

Lovely Stake which is the official NFT/ Defi marketplace

so basically what I am saying is lovely Inu whitePaper is fully proved that they are following their schedule and they have already completed their first step

which is to launch a lovely swap also they have proper planning of everything and good management as well which you can check on its white paper.

example Lovely Inu has a donation page where anyone can donate and they have a full plan about what they will do with the donation amount

  1. Marketing
  2. Exchange Listing
  3. Product development

so this will all expand the Lovely Inu Ecosystem, Now the real question that arises is

when Lovely Inu Price will reach 1$?

I have a serious doubt that at the end of 2021 it will be 1$, if it happens then it will make a record, this is basically the first

cryptocurrency in the entire world that has predicated its own price on its homepage by saying it Record Growth, let’s see if it happens or not.

lovely Inu coin total supply is 95 trillion, and if the total supply will not reduce then there is less chance that the price of lovely Inu coin will rise.

Lovely Inu coin news today 🤩 lovely Inu coin price prediction

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Disclaimer: I am not a registered, investment advisor and this article is for education purposes only, I do not advise anyone to buy or sell any kind of crypto coin. Investment and Trading are Subject to Market Risk and I will be not responsible for any loss, so do your research properly Before you Invest.

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