lovely Inu coin Update, lovely Inu twitter Handel Update 2021

so today news is about the lovely Inu coin update and this update is for all the investors who hold the lovely Inu coin

so recently lovely Inu coin has twitted on its Twitter handle and this tweet is a bit sarcasm to Shiba Inu coin, Elon musk

which says Shiba Inu + safe moon + Elon Musk = $Lovely

it means that lovely Inu coin did what Shiba and dogecoin investors expect from Shiba and Dogecoin. and there is also one more tweet

which says that one more zero is to be eliminated from the price of the Lovely Inu coin and soon it will reach 1$

Lovely Inu coin update 2021

Lovely Inu coin update

you can see the last 12 hrs ago tweet from lovely Inu coin twitter Handel there they have mentioned their vision which is to make a world record

by growing the lovely Inu token price to one USDT in the year 2021

and they have not mentioned that they are talking about the mid-year, end of the year, or after October as lovely Inu coin has last burning event in october.

after that, they have written

Shiba Inu + safe moon + Elon Musk = $Lovely

meaning the if you will combine the Shiba Inu coin, safe moon coin which is I think they are talking about Dogecoin and Elon Musk then you will get one Lovely Inu coin.

and its biggest sarcasm by Lovely Inu, they have also tweeted the listing of its different platform which is

  1. Hotbit
  2. Bitmart exchange
  3. Combkex
  4. P2PB2B
  5. Latoken

if you will see the current price of the Lovely Inu coin which is 0.0000000950 USDT there you will find that it has grown exponentially from last two days

the reason is because of its recent burning which is on 21 August and maybe after that, you can again see the growth in its price.

and why I am saying that is after the burning event which is on 21 august they gonna burn five trillion Lovely Inu coin

and then lovely Inu coin total supply will reduce from 90 trillion to 85 trillion.

FUTURE UPDATE? Lovely Inu coin update, news today 🤩

so guys this is all for the recent Lovely Inu coin updates and if you have made the profit then congratulations and you all can comment

in the comment section below I will be very happy but at the same time i suggest you not to hold this coin for the long term

because after one dollar, what is going to happen to the Lovely Inu coin nobody knows

Thank You for reading.

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