Lovely Inu Coin Wazirx Listing Confirmed? Check Here [2021]

Lovely Inu Coin Wazirx Listing Confirmed, Wazirx has officially confirmed that they will soon list the lovely Inu coin on Wazirx Exchange which is India’s biggest Cryptocurrency exchange platform. so when they are going to listing lovely inu coin and how they will list and what are the updates coming from Wazirx about lovely inu coin, we will discuss this in detail, so just stick to the end of this post to get the complete information.

Lovely Inu Coin Wazirx Listing Update

Lovely Inu Coin Wazirx Listing

when you will visit Lovely Inu coin official Twitter Handle which is Lovely_Finance you will see their last tweet was 15 hrs ago which was

“Feel free to chat in your local language”

English, Hindi, Persian, Turkish, Indonesian, Vietnamese

if you will go to the comment section of this tweet there you will find one of our lovely Inu community members named Vivek

He tweeted to Bring Lovely Inu coin on Wazirx India, Coinswitchkuber, and CoinDCX crypto exchange.

under that tweet, there was a tweet from the WAZIRX official bluetick account as you can see in the image that
Hi Vivek! Thanks for showing your interest in listing this token. We’ll look at reviewing this for listing. At the moment we have a long queue of tokens waiting to be reviewed and so this could take a little longer. Thanks!
so Wazirx has said that we are looking forward to reviewing the Lovely Inu coin before listing it on Wazirx crypto exchange
and at this moment they have a long list of the various crypto coin which have already given their application before lovely Inu coin to list on their crypto exchange
so they will first review the other crypto coin and after that, they will review lovely Inu coin and if they will find no issue in a lovely coin then they gonna list it on Wazirx crypto exchange according to my opinion.
and they have also mentioned that it will take some time still we are very much sure about one thing that lovely Inu coin Developer has really given application on Wazirx Exchange Listing
and lovely inu developer hasn’t mentioned it or updated this information on any of their social media platform as they don’t want to reveal their next move.
I can say this because you have already seen that lovely inu coin developer has listed their coin on Coinmarketcap exchange without updating any information before listing
so this is their strategy not to reveal their secret and just act according to their Roadmap.
and personally, I get many comments on my youtube video that lovely Inu coin wazirx listing is fake news and I hope they got their answers.

Petition for Lovely Inu Finance to Listed on Wazirx exchange

so guys here is the petition form for Lovely inu coin holders if they want to list lovely inu coin on wazirx crypto exchange platform soon.

check Petition Form here: Petition form for Lovely Inu Finance to Listed on Wazirx

and the reason why this petition will help is that the same petition form was signed by Shiba inu holders for listing Shiba inu coin on the Robinhood exchange

and after the huge demand in petition Robinhood is planning to list Shiba coin in their crypto exchange.

Lovely Inu coin Wazirx Listing Date?

Wazirx has tweeted that they will soon list lovely Inu coin on their crypto exchange as they have many crypto coin applications pending

so after the reviewing of all the pending crypto coin, they will list lovely inu coin, and most probably chances are they will be listing lovely inu coin on the 2nd/3rd week of December 2021

this date is not an official date it is a predicted date and the prediction is based on all the research of experts, current market trends and popularity of the lovely inu coin and its potential.

also there is a petition going on for listing Lovely Inu on Wazirx exchange if you are lovely holder then you should sign this petition so that the chances of listing lovely on wazirx increases

it can take more time I think this will be the listing date of a lovely coin on Wazirx but still we cannot predict anything as the crypto market is very volatile.

Lovely Inu Wazirx Listing CONFIRMED!🔥 Lovely Inu बडी़ खुशखबरी 🔥 Wazirx Listing


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