Lovely Inu coin WazirX listing Update πŸ”₯ lovely inu coin latest news today 2021

so friends today we are going to talk about the lovely Inu coin wazirx listing update also we will discuss why the Price of the Lovely Inu coin is going down and also Lovely Inu coin’s latest news today, a big tweet is coming from the Lovely Inu owner. so stick to the end of the post.

Lovely Inu coin WazirX listing Update

Lovely Inu coin WazirX listing
Lovely Inu coin WazirX listing update 2021

soon you will see Lovely Inu coin on wazirx crypto exchange recently from various sources it has been known that in the month of September there is a big update coming from lovely Inu coin developer

and it may be the listing of the lovely coins to wazirx as September is the most important month for lovely Inu

lovely Inu coin latest news today

so the first news is coming from lovely Inu Finance where they have greeted the lovely Inu community, Lovely Inu family as we have raised $400,000 in just 90 minutes in Hideous ILO Presale

and the hidden news is that $400,000 raised in Hideous ILO Presale will be directly transferred to wazirx account and all the expenses

which are used at the time of listing on wazirx will be used from wazirx account, so you all can see the craze of the lovely coin were in just 90 min it has raised $400,000


The reason behind the recent price drop was the selling of coins within few days of investing.

some newcomers invest money on coins and sell them after a few returns but the point is we need to hold on to your coins and give proper time for a good rise in price and value

when we go to coincodex we found in lovely inu forecast analysis in SMA period that the most newcomers selling their coins and even in EMA period we get to see sell of coins.

But the point is we don’t need to worry about the recent price drop and try to hold on to your coins. The most probability the price of lovely inu coins will increase day by day as it bullish up to 12% within 2 days

why you should buy lovely Inu coins now

the most important lookout is its price which is just 0.0000002805$ and its a good time to invest in it as the potential of lovely Inu coins is very high.

the holder of lovely Inu coin is increasing unstoppably and it completed 20000+ holder which is a very good sign for investing.

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Lovely Inu Coin News Today | wazirx Listing date 2021

Disclaimer: I am not a registered financial advisor, so do your own research before investing in any kind of crypto coin as the crypto market is subject to market risk.

Lovely Inu X WazirX Update πŸ”₯ Lovely Finance Owner Massage πŸ’₯ lovely inu coin news today

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