Lovely Inu listing on MEXC global Exchange 2022 | Lovely Inu Listing update

A big spike is seen on Lovely Inu Price with a growth of 96% in one day and the reason is the big news is coming that Lovely Inu listing on MEXC global Exchange 2022

on the recent Tweet of MEXC Global Exchange

MEXC will list $LOVELY

in the Innovation Zone under LOVELY/USDT trading pair. Deposit & Withdrawal: Opened: Trading: 04:00 Jan 14 (UTC) Trade to Share 125,650,000,000 $LOVELY

MEXC Will List Lovely Inu (LOVELY) | Check Here

Project brief introduction

Lovely Inu launched in 2021 is the fastest growing cryptocurrency of one of its kind. It is fully decentralized and its mission is to bring popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream and is easy to understand the project

Lovely inu listing on MEXC global Exchange

MEXC Global is inaugurating a session of Kickstarter:

It is a listing campaign commenced by  MEXC. Here users can stake tokens to vote towards a predetermined goal. Once the goal is coordinated or is set, the listing process will be started and free tokens will be arranged for participating users precedent to the listing. And if the voting couldn’t meet the coordinated or to a fixed target, then MEXC Global will cancel the project listing and will unlock the voting tokens. This voting event is designed to recognize high-quality projects and concurrently will bring airdrop benefits to MEXC users and also make future progress on these projects.

 what is Kickstarter Event?

Kickstarter provides to start or resumes a process. It is a device to start an engine. Take an example: downward thrust in the pedal used to start the old motorcycle.

How to join it?

Participants can stake the required tokens to participate in voting and get a chance to win free project airdrops. Details are as follows:
1. Voting Period: It is between 2022/01/13 03:00  to 2022/01/13 10:50 (UTC)
2. Estimated Trading: 2022/01/14  04:00
3. Deposit & Withdrawal: it will be opened
4. requirement: Minimum of 10 votes is required.
5. voting cap: maximum 500,000 MX
6. Rules: The tokens are used for voting. And the tokens will be temporarily locked during the event period and it will be unlocked after an hour once the event ends. Users can vote unlimited times before the voting period ends.
9. Rewards: The rewards will be distributed among participants within an hour according to their total votes once the voting periods conclude.
10. Special Reward: 500 users with total assets exceeding limit above 1,000 USDT, who have voted in this event of Kickstarter will be selected at random to receive a 10 USDT Futures Bonus reward and rewards will be given to the respective winners within 7 working days upon the completion of this event session. (Note: participants must open their Futures Account before the event reaches its climax, to be eligible to receive the bonus reward.)
4. Voting Link is given here: Check Here

On Listing:

1) please stay tuned!  For the announcement for listing details after the Kickstarter event ends.
2) Target voting rate must be above 500% 
.Project will be listed when the voting rate reaches 500%.

Terms & Conditions:

Tokens will be refunded once the voting event ends. No fees will be required for participating in the Kickstarter voting event.
participants in this event must have to complete their KYC verification before the end of the event to be eligible for the rewards.

Risk Reminders:

Users are advised to do their own research before participating in the event. Nothing herein shall be considered as financial advice or recommendation to participate in this network. The price of the project token may fluctuate due to market conditions and some other factors also.

Lovely Inu listing on MEXC global Exchange | Lovely Inu price 94% Up Today 🤑

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