Lovely inu coin update, Hideous token Presale, Hideous Crypto Review 2021

Lovely Inu developers have launched a new token called Hideous token just like Dr skull token, so a new ILO of lovely Inu coin is Hideous token and on 14 September its public sale has started. so we will review this new coin and how you can buy it, so let’s get started.

Lovely Inu coin update, Hideous Token Presale

so if you will visit Lovely Inu official website and then click on the launched pad section you will get the ACTIVE ILO which of Hideous token

So the public sale is started from today which is 14 September

and 1 Hideous = 1 Lovely 

meaning you can exchange 1 lovely Inu coin to buy 1 Hideous Token

Now if you click on the Buy option then you will be redirected to its official website which is also you can read its white paper 

which is very clean and you can get all the details about it like its roadmap, community, etc

Note: They will close the sale anytime once they will hit the target of collecting 500BNB

5 Trillion Lovely Burned 🔥& Hideous Update

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