Luxembourg student visa 2021 | Luxembourg student visa process?

Luxembourg student visa 2021: if you have a student Visa which is for Luxembourg, I will explain what Luxembourg is? Luxembourg student visa process? What documents are required for this visa?

First of all, let me tell you, the official gave it to him Called the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a landlocked country for those who are in Western Europe.

Well, that’s the border Belgium is in the West and North. Germany is it’s East France falls in its south. Its capital is Luxembourg City.

Luxembourg City is called multi-lingual as different languages are spoken here, different types of languages include Dutch, German and French.

This is a country in which there are also three cultures, Dutch, German and French. This Smallest country in Europe with a total population of six million two thousand.

And this is a modern society that has its own greatness. History is kind of old and interesting.

Luxembourg student visa 2021
Luxembourg student visa 2021: check all processes, applications, complete details

Luxembourg student visa process 2021?

I will tell you about the Luxembourg student visa. Luxembourg has great, smart, and excellent universities. Which attracts International students from all over the world.

People come there to studying because, as I told you Multi-lingual and multicultural types. So people come into it The people also enjoy it.

What kind of documents are required for the application?

  • It has application forms, resin id color photo With White Background.
  • Must be 35mm to 45mm
  • you should have Your passport
  • must have an ID card.
  • The birth certificate must be after this confirmation of your documents.
  • you must have an admission letter or call letter from the university.
  • There should be health insurance followed by a motivation letter
  • The motivation letter is basically what we also call SOP [Statement of purpose] for what you are going to do there.
  • why you’re motivated for That’s the kind of education and study from Luxembourg. From this country or From university
  • Then you have must have a bank letter or bank statement that you have sufficient funds and Round About Three Fifty Euros in your account per month.
  • There must be a police character certificate from where you belong.
  • After last of all, you must have a letter of accommodation in Luxembourg where you will stay
  • Must have accommodation letter or lease contract Whether you have a room or a house there,
  • Stay directly when your file is ready and your signature on it, you will legalize your entire file
  • And the necessary documents that you have submitted to your consulate. The embassy will translate your documents into French or translate them into German.
  • and make your registration at the Higher Education Institution.
  • After that Immigration file is prepared. The ministry of charge of immigration will approval your file
  • after the approval, the concerned consulate from which country you have applied for Luxembourg. Your file will be sent
  • after that the counselor service will issue you Education Visa in Two or three weeks.

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Well, when you reached Luxembourg, You have to declare yourself within three working days the municipality or in the fresh, It is called a commune.

you are living in this place and you have arrived here on this visa, You have ninety days.

In this, you have to take a medical exam means Concerned a municipal area in a hospital where you are living. they will conduct your medical exam from the general doctor

and they will send your medical results to the Immigration Department with its results so that you to issue a resident permit.

There will be no issue until That you have completed your medical test within 90 days. When your documents are sent for the residence permit, you will apply to the Immigration Department

You will apply then go to the Immigration Department for your issuance of a residency permit. Well after that when you go for issuance

the department of municipal will take your biometric data means your picture, fingerprints and you have to go there

and collect your residence card. when you get the residence card you will return back to the municipality or commune to confirm that

this is your immigration status and you have obtained the certificate of residence

It was a total process. And when you get your visa, you have reached Luxembourg. What will be the process?

How do you get your residency permit?

Within three days, you have to tell that You have reached the municipality. You have to get medical treatment within 90 days. After medical treatment,

you go to the immigration department there is an issuance of the residence card. when you go for the residence card issuance

you have to provide the biometric data which include fingerprints, photos

when all is done you will get a Residence card, once again came back to the municipality and confirm that what is your current residence status

this is my residence permit or certificate, this is my resistance card. Then all the procedure is completed

The most important thing that every student or every applicant wants that

how many working hours are allowed to them?

let me tell you all the students are allowed to work for 40 hours per week during school or college holidays. During study week they are allowed to work for 10 hours throughout the year.

It’s a lot of time you can work and bear your expenses.

so that your friends and family can get that kind of information.

Thank you very much.

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