Safemoon v2 big update from Safemoon hound! Psafemoon update!

so here is the big update coming from safe moon v2, Today we gonna talk about the safe moon we got some very exciting statements first. A message from the safe moon CEO john Caroni we are planning something special for our first birthday so  safe moon is almost one year old 

Safemoon v2: Why 10th March 2022 is going to be a very important date for safe moon holders?

As we know that safe moon has been launched all the way back to march 10 of 2021 and so about a month from now on it is going to  be safe moon’s anniversary so guys mark this down on your calendar

because this is going to be a very important date for the safe moon we have a tweet from:

safemoon v2 update

save moon hound, the safe moon will move forward with class in anything we do that’s what makes our community shine 

and that will contribute to solid partnerships own stream ps aca transfers are life in the safe moon wallet with wire 

for those in us wanting ethereum so you guys can now easily buy ethereum in the safe moon wallets 

with wire, john Caroni is the sixth most Followed token CEO on Twitter with 367000 followers

and we have a tweet from john caroni welcome to the save moon galaxy 32 to the safe moon 

so john caroni has been spamming the number 32 for a couple of months and eventually

we are going to find out what 32 really means we have a safemoon migrations updates 

An important question regarding the moon craft game:

  • What will happen when there is huge migration upgrade take place on the router swap?

When this takes place we will be carrying out an automatic migration for safe moon you guys will love the change 

it’s going tbe huge finally we have an update for peace savement holders the migration will be completed 

once this happens and if you guys didn’t know the moon raft game has been released the mooncraft game is a server in Minecraft 

which is one of the most popular games and this is what it looks like over here and we 

Will Mooncraft be able to burn a safe moon-circling supply? and if so can you explain how?

The answer is here right now the integration of crypto is not going to happen until the game is complete this is just day one of the game 

so they will continue developing the game before any development in that area would start 

so they are adding more things to the safe moon game and until that is completed no safe mon tokens will be burnt last

but not least if you guys were wondering about operation phoenix windmills lock chain exchange and so on 

we’re gonna get more information on that once it is ready in the last 24 hours 19 million tokens have been burnt 

and let’s take a look at the charts guys, right now we are in the accumulation phase similar to what we saw back over here so after so after we are done this phase 

we are waiting for a massive move to the upside and with bitcoin going all the way up to the 43 000 level the entire crypto market is looking bullish

 and this is why we are expecting to save money to go up in price as well before we ultimately do see that entire crypto market crash.



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