Saitama Inu coin price prediction 2021 [Detailed Guide]

Hey guys Anuj here today we gonna talk about Saitama Inu coin price prediction, roadmap, the white paper also I will discuss whether the Saitama Inu coin is scam? so a detailed guide

and remember guys this isn’t any financial advice so please do your own research and due diligence before investing your hard-earned money

let’s just jump right into the website and we’re just going to go through this all together with the first thing that actually

Saitama wasn’t the watchdog it was a totally different character in the anime but that has almost nothing to do with this but I just want to jump into this coin anyway.

Saitama Inu coin price prediction

Saitama Inu coin price prediction

so it is a community-owned decentralized token built on the Ethereum infrastructure meaning it’s an erc20 token Saitama Inu is a medium for traders crypto enthusiasts and ordinary people,

in general, to be able to transact as currency payment and monetary system as a whole I will actually go over how to actually purchase this token but we will also go over the white paper

the roadmap and all that so let’s just continue to go down this started as us being sick of losing money on scam tokens a discussion and

experiment it turns out we are not alone and there needs to be a change in legitimacy and utilization of tokens for something useful

Saitama Inu coin was created to give people a chance to create wealth the original owner of this project created this coin so that people

like you and I can invest into tokens with a minimal amount of money and would be able to walk away with a big

smile I like that a lot after ownership has renounced a group of committed individuals who have found the goal valuable and

impactful took over the project and continued developing it into a token that people can remember for a lifetime we aim to see many lives changed from this token.

Saitama Inu Coin Be the Next Big Coin? Saitama Inu Coin Price Prediction

why Saitama Inu?

our goals are due to the nature of decentralized cryptocurrency and the manipulation carried out by persistent whales to manipulate prices

to their advantage, we have built Saitama Inu to combat this with our anti-whale contract creation of real-world values

and true use cases allowing for investment at any level which gives power back to the people they need is to have a simple easy to use marketplace application

which not only stores your digital crypto assets safely and securely but also has the tools you need to make important decisions when it

comes to buying or selling goods through Saitama Inu then there’s also a reward system where every transaction of

Saitama there will be a two percent redistribution reward to the holders and a further two percent is burnt this will give holders a passive source of

income and also bring down the overall circulating supply to also potentially increase the value of your tokens, now let’s go right into the road map

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Roadmap of Saitama Inu coin

as you can tell we are still on stage one so it is very early in this coin, they had a token fair launch they have a thousand holders

already and the white paper was released they are still working on these I do know that coin gecko and coin market cap was already applied too they’re going

to be working on their contract audit as we speak and then we could go into and of course, phase two three four and five will all depend on

completing the previous stage for it and but just to go over a certain amount of things here they’re planning on doing a merchant website integrations

listing on small exchanges new partnerships tv and radio interviews nft creations android and ios wallets and then also donations to charities

student bodies and other exchanges they are already found on coins vote coin sniper coin ton and gem hunter so those are

big things right now for a such for such a small token and now let’s go into the tokenomics and even though we already

went over it remember that there was 51 of this token already burnt and then there was a four percent transaction fee on this and from that

fee two percent is automatically burnt and two percent is giving back to the holders of the token so no matter what if there’s a buy or sell you will be

getting more tokens as long as you’re holding this and you should potentially increase in value knowing that more tokens are getting

burnt with every transaction and I do want to state that there are no developer wallets so this is a token that is potentially

rug pull-proof liquidity was locked they also have anti-whale coding on this token and going into their ether scan they

already have over 1200 holders of this token that they also have a very small market cap of 2.8 million dollars so there is a lot of

potential in this token and then if we jump into the white paper which I always recommend every investor to read this is their white paper right

here pretty much goes over everything that the website had to offer but there are certain things that I really wanted to point out

here is that they have a Saitama ecosystem that they are really trying to make they’re trying to make a sedum mass which is that smart wallet we were

talking about the SATA market where they’ll be able to use Saitama for buying of goods and services and a sedum maker that will be the nft platform

that I was talking about on the road map and then lastly at the bottom, these are those things that I really hope that

this coin really gets to is the Saitama edutainment that means they’re going to do education and entertainment education

partnerships social media channels content creators the Saitama community and media partnerships they want a multi-channel content platform

publishing multiple content formats to educate on how to save invest manage money and create wealth opportunities while

entertaining our audience like this is stuff that I really hope that they get to because that is amazing for a coin to want to do to teach people

how to invest and how to manage their money and then they go over why they love this project and to be honest I am going to be keeping a close eye on this token.

This is all about Saitama Inu coin price prediction, hope you learn from this post if you did then do share it with your friends,

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