Saitama Inu upcoming listing on Binance?2021 | Saitama Inu Coin Update Today

Saitama Inu upcoming listing on Binance? 2021

will Saitama Inu list on Binance in 2021? what is the update coming from Saitama Inu Update, check here for complete details

A recent Tweet from Saitama Informer #BinanceListSaitama

Incredible! Just over a day old and #BinanceListSaitama has amassed 10,000 signatures! The #saitamawolfpack‌‌‌‌ has spoken!

are you listening?

So now we have the target to get 15,000 signature and already 14,620 signature is done.

Let’s get to 50,000! Remember to keep sharing!

#Saitama Sign here: Saitama Inu Binance Listing Petition.


Saitama Price Predictions

  • With Saitama currently at $0.00000007812, Digital Coin Price believes Saitama will drop a zero before year-end. The site has a 2022 price target of $0.00000011295 per token and a 2024 prediction of $0.00000015901.
  • Price Prediction has similar forecast for Saitama. The site also prediction Saitama will drop a zero this year, with an average price target of $0.00000011. However, it is a bit more bullish on the crypto long term, with 2024 and 2025 forecasts of $0.00000026, and $0.00000038, respectively.

Saitama Inu upcoming listing on Binance 2022?

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