Saitama v2 migration 2022 Update [Complete Details] saitama Inu V1 vs V2

Saitama V2 Migration Has Started. The V2 Migration 2022 Here’s how to upgrade and migrate your Saitama tokens from V1 to the newly launched V2 and free airdrops update, also we will discussion about who will be the first partner to help saitama inu to migrate to v2 so stick o the end to get complete details.


hey what’s up guys this is a quick update post on Saitama version 2 launch, so like we expected Saitama to launch with two zeros it probably launched at

the five levels and now at the time of this writing it is trading with two zeros 84 level, so is this a successful launch well if you ask me it looks like a successful launch


but I would also like to address a few issues here if you go to ether scan you can see only 11.4k holders so currently only a few people have been airdropped

how it works is it starts with the top holders and then slowly comes down to the smallholders now you can also see here some of the exchanges have been

airdropped here so now the team of Saitama has done their job now it completely depends on the exchanges to distribute the tokens and the sooner

they do it the better now there is one more problem here if you go to the dex tool you can see the trading has been enabled meaning the top


wallets that receive the airdrop can now buy and sell this token so these top holders are now at advantage and there are also chances by the time you receive

your tokens the price could start dumping actually these people should have disabled the trading until all the airdrops were completed but sadly they

have enabled it so the holders who have a very small bags are the ones who will be most affected by this the top holders are going to make money

but as you can see there are more buys than sells so the people who have received the airdrop are currently not selling I guess they are waiting for

the right time and by the right time I mean they are waiting for the burn if you guys don’t know Saitama’s total supply is now 100 billion now out of this 100 billion

57 percent is going to be burned if you don’t believe me here is the tweet from the CMO he is saying 57 of the supply will be burnt after completing the air

drops that mean the circulating supply will be around 43 billion only if you calculate the market cap it is currently at 950 million if the market cap stays

around the same range of 950 million.

saitama Inu V1 vs V2 Migration update

guys if you’re holding it on exchanges the saitama team has done their job the sooner you get the tokens the better if the exchanges are taking a

lot of time where you still haven’t got the airdrop and if it takes more than three to four days then there are chances by the time you get your tokens

the price could start dumping so in short the people who get saitama version two tokens early are at advantage here obviously most of the

people who bought in at the all-time high in November the chances to recover your losses are very slim you have to average your buy in order to sell it in

profit otherwise i personally don’t think saitama will ever recover your losses I could be wrong on this one but this is my personal opinion if your

target is one dollar or five dollars it’s all up to you everyone has their own personal target and i respect that

so guys that’s all about Saitama v2 migration 2022 Update


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