shiba inu coin latest updates | AMAZON ACCEPTING SHIBA INU IN THE FUTURE? 2021

Hey everybody and welcome back to Shiba Inu coin point my name is Anuj and we have a lot to talk about in today’s article Shiba Inu coin latest updates including

an amazon bombshell about Shiba Inu which I’m really excited about and I’ll get right into it  this is from Shiba Inu art who is a very

very big Shiba Inu source on twitter a very big fan and it’s actually followed here by shaitoshi which is absolutely awesome

and as you guys know they said well this would be massive amazon considering accepting Shiba as legal payment in 2022

says insider this would be a dream and the international business times which is verified on Twittercthis should be a new project you

know supporter here of course is pretty big with 18 000 followers and it’s obviously followed bycone of the lead Shiba Inu guys shaitoshi

so that does give us a little bit of uh of credibility here so as you guys can see here jeff Bezos has reportedly directed amazon to accept cryptocurrencies

as legal payment and industry, insiders claim the e-commerce giant would start adopting a new foreign transaction as early as 2022.

I’ve talked about this with you guys in some previous articles however it was linked that

shiba inu coin updates

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Amazon is considering accepting bitcoin and other popular coins as payment in the industry

However, is not looking as much at bitcoin but considering accepting Shibu Inu as a legal form of transaction and then

they of course started a petition, you know addressing jeff Bezos you know claiming it’s a technical innovation could benefit millions around the world

and here’s a tweet here from dell crypto amazon denies plans to accept bitcoin this is in line with my

sources who say Amazon is currently investigating several projects and plans to accept crystal payments from at least two cryptos in 2022

and as you guys can see the rumored payments here are Shiba amp Matic and hawk so all around this is the pretty big man this is pretty

this is 100 factual but I mean there are a lot of different stories I mean it’s got 1.1 000 likes you know this uh this looks like a

pretty big source here I mean this is a lot of people here who have been talking about this and again obviously this Shiba Inu art page you know doesn’t

seem to be a complete joke obviously with 18 000 followers and being followed by shaitoshi which is absolutely awesome

so a lot of different uh rumors going around here man a lot to talk about, obviously I’m not a financial advisor

this is only my personal opinion here why has the price not changed very much again you guys have to realize that even

though it is .000 there are still people who own millions and billions of this currency I mean this really uh if this goes up

you know from six three to seven three that’s a very very big jump even though it might not look that way on paper, you know the same thing with

ethereum and again this follows Ethereum very close I say this almost every article because it is so true as you guys can see ethereum

here is slightly down on the day not down an awful lot but slightly down here on the day and shiba is pretty much always soon to

follow they really do have a similar trajectory so in regards to the reason I believe why this price isn’t changing all that much

it’s just really waiting for ethereum to take off it’s waiting for bitcoin and ethereum to do the thing and obviously, i do believe that Shiba

will follow of course ethereum kind of loosely follows bitcoin it’s not quite as tight of a link as it used to be in the past


Read Also: Shiba Inu Token BURN update

 Shiba Inu COIN Reach 10 By 2030? Check here

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