Shiba Inu Token BURN Confirmed – This Will Make SHIB Holders RICH

we might possibly see the largest Shiba Inu Token BURN to date so previously what has happened within Shiba Inu is that they have

always been against the idea of a burn event for Shiba Inu however it has been uncovered recently that this might all change

we’re going to have a look today at what the Shiba you know devs plan to do with Shiba Inu and also the phase two of the Shiba Inu roadmap stick

around till the end because these things are gonna be very impactful

Shiba Inu Token BURN


so earlier today satoshi made a post on discord Shiba is listed basically everywhere we don’t need more listings we need utility and many believe a huge

burn Kyoshi has repeatedly told me no to burn before he left and though I don’t agree on a burn through utility is

one that I believe he would agree with that’s why the bone associated with our first NFT project is a big deal

so unlike some crypto projects, Shiba Inu doesn’t actually have a way to burn its tokens inherently built within the function of

the token itself the effort of burning has largely been a result of the community and in this case the biggest contributor to the

burn event so far or the burning of tokens so far for Shiba you know has been the co-founder of Ethereum buttering and as many of you know

when you burn or remove from the circulating supply tokens and by removing the supply the demand for the cryptocurrency will go up

thus increasing the price but the Shiba Inu creator has largely been against this so in essence what we have from satoshi is the first

inside confirmation that Shiba Inu is going to host or plan events whereby Shiba Inu tokens will be burned and removed from circulation.

How Shiba Inu Token Burn could be achieved?

so let’s have a look at how this is actually going to be achieved so Shiba Inu is going to create a collection of NFTS

and for those of you who don’t know what an NFTs is essentially it’s a bit like a virtual collectible that you as the

owner has exclusive rights to and essentially each one of these collectibles is unique in their own right and what we have here Shiba Inu will

introduce our first official NFT set and best of all the team is investigating ways to implement cheap burns into the system to change

the attributes of a purchase NFTs so going by the description house written it seems like that if you send your Shiba tokens into a burning wallet you

can essentially re-label or reassign the attributes of your particular nft token and this seems like the first case of a burn interaction built within

the Shiba Inu ecosystem is going to be very interesting because as some of you already know nfts are hotly traded commodities and

sometimes you can exchange hands very very frequently and if the new owners decide to relabel or reassign these attributes in order to

I guess increase the value of the particular nfts means a lot of money is going to be burnt and thus reducing the circulating

supply of fiber unit and of course, this has been much of a demand from the general Shiba inu community a burn built within the Shiba Inu

ecosystem and frankly speaking this in my opinion is probably one of the smarter ways that I have seen in terms of a token burn and this was of course

announced in the phase two part of the Shiba Inu road map released by shahitoshi today there are also some very  interesting things here that I want to

just have a brief discussion about and have a talk through of what they have currently planned now

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If SHIBA INU TOKEN keeps burning then what will happen

Two-Phase Shiba Inu Token BURN: Two pieces of the roadmap


The first one is shibarium owns blockchain now the reason to create Shiba in his own blockchain is outlining

the section is further down because we’re going to have a new token I believe called shi that is operating both on Ethereum in the shibarium

now this might seem a little confusing at first as to why a new token is going to be used and that’s actually outlined in

the final section is below and this is because sheep in it technologically speaking sheep in it is a new way for any business

or person to sell products so I’m sure you guys have already pieced together the puzzle

so Shiba Inu is going to develop their own blockchain and that blockchain will lead to a new token that will be used on Shiba inu’s very own marketplace that allows people to sell

or buy particular goods on this particular marketplace in another way this is essentially amazon but owned by Shiba Inu

The reason for this in my opinion is pretty straightforward as satoshi has spoken and said that Shiba Inu needs more utility and the best way to create


is to start it your own, Shiba Inu is going to start their own marketplace which allows tokens in the Sheba inu ecosystem to be

used to buy or sell goods and inherently they’re already thinking about potential burns that can be integrated within these systems

and I believe this has incredible potential because there’s just so many ways you can go from this and I don’t believe the team has fleshed

out all the possibilities that they can do and we can see that from just the nfd aspect of this alone that the team is still figuring out ways

that they can integrate burn into the system let me know in the comments below what you guys think of the direction

Shiba Inu phase 2 is heading I for one are quite excited about all of these things that are unfolding and as more objectives from the roadmap have been met and

more exchanges such as etoro, weeble and coinbase pro list Sheba will move further towards solidifying a spot as a well-renowned legitimate cryptocurrency

Shiba Inu ” PRICE EXPLODING ” Shiba Inu Burning News🔥

and as always take care and catch you

guys next time

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If SHIBA INU TOKEN keeps burning then what will happen


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