Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin comparison [The Ultimate Guide] 2021

Today we’re gonna end all the doubt about which coin is better, so a detailed guide Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin comparison, we’re gonna put dogecoin and Shiba Inu up side by side

to see which one has the best potential to make their investors Lambo rich, let’s jump into it if you’ve been living

under a rock then you might have missed dogecoin mania and how simple meme tweets from the world’s richest man were

targeted at a cryptocurrency that was started as a joke now this meme became the meme of all memes because it took the world by storm

and even made some of its investors multi-millionaires from this frenzy of everyone making attendees on dogecoin and Elon musk even

contemplating getting a pet Shiba because of it we’ve seen other cryptocurrencies come out that are trying to be like dogecoin

and the biggest project to arise so far is Shiba Inu who fittingly enough is also sporting a Shiba on their tokens but their Shiba doesn’t

look very nice compared to dogecoin’s friendly and inviting looking Shiba

Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin comparison

Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin comparison
Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin comparison Detailed Guide
  • Appeal to people’s psychology

The first thing that I want to compare between these cryptocurrencies are the way they intentionally or unintentionally appeal to people’s psychology

for example, in crypto, everyone would love to buy a bitcoin most people who’ve studied cryptocurrency except for the fact that it will probably

pass a hundred thousand dollars and maybe even one million dollars in the near future but for most people who are newer to crypto investing a 50 to 60 000

the price tag is pretty intimidating especially with how relatively new and misunderstood cryptocurrency still is dogecoin was the

first coin to offer a less intimidating lower-cost alternative that allowed investors to buy thousands and even millions of coins for

a relatively affordable price tag but that was just the beginning of what really became the driving factor for their growth was when the coin was at a penny

and then it shot up to around six to seven cents pretty much overnight this gave investors five to six hundred percent returns within

only a couple of days and it got average everyday investors excited about cryptocurrency because they saw how fast their two

hundred dollar investment could turn into a twelve hundred dollar investment and from that hype that surrounded dogecoin mania

the birth of lighthearted lower-cost alternative crypto projects was born Shiba Inu and dogecoin was both spontaneous creations that follow

the same mold of appealing to people’s psychology with lower cost lighthearted humor and the ability to be relatable

but in my opinion, Shiba Inu takes it a step further because they are attempting to create an entire meme-based ecosystem

that can make their investors as much money as possible one change that they implemented that is different from dogecoin is they have multiple tokens

that each plays a unique role in their ecosystem, now those three tokens are Shiba, leash, and bone

  1. the Shiba token was their first token it’s the most popular one that’s being bought by investors
  2. while their leash token was originally supposed to mirror the performance of dogecoin and
  3. the bone token is a governance token that allows those who own it to vote on changes to this system with dogecoin

you just get dogecoin they only have one option their community would argue that’s all that you’re ever going to need.

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  • Shiba Coin vs Dogecoin uses

Now moving on I want to compare their use cases because with any crypto project we should be evaluating

the value that it brings to society and not just the hype that can be generated for it on social media to many people’s surprise, dogecoin isn’t

actually a bad currency many people think it would be a worthless way to transact money but that’s not true and the reason it’s good to use as a

currency is because the fees are relatively low the system has controlled inflation and is gaining a lot of acceptance by society so even though it initially

started as a joke this system is definitely not the worst option out there as a means to transact money

Shiba on the other hand isn’t as good of a means to transact money but the main value proposition that they do offer is that they have a crypto

an exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies they have an artist incubator that they’re working on which will be their

way to bring nfts to the marketplace and they’re working on a few other projects that will bring value to the crypto space

so as we can see they both offer some value maybe not as much as Ethereum, Cardano, or Solana but they do provide some value and use

case to the cryptocurrency space even if it’s less than some serious projects out there

  • Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin communities

shiba inu vs dogecoin communities
Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin comparison

the next thing that I want to compare is their communities and celebrity endorsements because oftentimes with these types of projects

it’s their communities paired with hype from celebrities that ends up being the driving factor for explosive price growth and adoption

no other cryptocurrency out there has been able to do what dogecoin has done with celebrities and community dogecoin has captivated the hearts or

At least the Twitter feeds of celebrities such as Elon musk, snoop dogg, Kevin Jonas gene Simmons and even mark Cuban

while also building community groups on Facebook, Reddit discord, and pretty much every other social media platform

imaginable Shiba Inu is newer to the scene so they haven’t been able to captivate as many celebrities yet but to their credit

they have also been able to build a community of hundreds of thousands of passionate followers that gather every day on Facebook, Reddit discord

and every other social media platform out there to discuss when Shiba will finally land on the moon but even more impressive than all of

that is Shiba Inu search volume on youtube now thanks to a vid, we’re able to see how many people are searching for a particular topic

at any given point in time and currently, we see that around four million people are searching for the topic shiba inu coin which shows that there’s a lot of

interest in this cryptocurrency to give you something to compare that to Sheba is getting more search volume, price of shiba inu coin may rise, than some of the most popular

and usable cryptocurrency projects out there such as harmony one file coin Solana polka dot and the list continues to go on but it doesn’t just stop there they’re

also get more search volume than traditional means of investing such as mutual funds, index funds rental properties and individual stock in comparison to dogecoin

has approximately 28 million people searching for videos about the right now

but in Sheba’s defense dogecoin was having approximately the same search volume maybe even less just a couple of months ago before these

massive pumps that have really given them prominence in the world so really Shiba Inu is one huge pump or tweet away from having massive returns

and hype just like dogecoin has had recently

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  • Shiba Inu vs dogecoin supply


Shiba Inu vs dogecoin supply
Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin comparison

the next thing that I want to compare is their supply because this will have a direct impact on the price potential and growth

that each of these systems can have going forward so for comparison dogecoin has a supply of 129.6 billion coins which was viewed as the end of the world

when people were trying to determine if dogecoin could be considered a serious cryptocurrency now that we’ve gotten away from that

bitcoin fog they told us supplies need to be as low as possible or a project couldn’t be successful we’ve seen the supplies of

cryptocurrencies explode there’s now plenty of cryptocurrencies with supplies in the billions trillions and even quadrillions such as

polka dot Cardano v chain and safe mode Sheba is no different when it comes to having a higher supply shiba has a

supply of 394 trillion tokens which are considerably higher than dogecoin so in comparison for dogecoin to get to a price of one dollar it would need to

have 129.6 billion dollars invested into the system which appears like it’s going to be happening by the end of the year if not

sooner for Shiba to get to a price of one dollar shiva would need to have 394.8 trillion dollars invested into this system which would be higher than

bitcoin ethereum xrp dogecoin cardan and most other crypto projects out there combined

so to put it lightly anyone on youtube who has a video advocating Sheba will hit ten dollars twenty dollars thirty dollars forty

dollars fifty dollars a hundred dollars whatever they’re very misinformed they have no idea how market caps work it most likely will never even hit one

dollar or past the price of dogecoin unless the conditions of the crypto market changed and all crypto projects out there

had 10x growth or something crazy happen it’s not going to ever pass 10 100 whatever do not listen to people who are putting videos out there saying that

it will but the team behind the project if Shiba knows this and they don’t shy away from that reality their goal isn’t to pass the price of

dogecoin is to outpace dogecoin’s returns percentage-wise, so at the end of the day price isn’t the best gauge that we should be looking at

we should be looking at the percentage of return that we’re able to get from whatever system is that we’re investing in

the premise that the Sheba team is following is that now that dogecoin is getting higher at price the returns will be less exciting so

people will look for lower-cost alternatives that will have a better chance for them to multiply or even 10x their money faster

and then this is when Sheba’s gonna swoop in and become the dog of all dogs that replace dogecoin

  • Shiba Inu vs dogecoin risk and supply concentration

the last thing that I want to compare is risk and supply concentration let me explain if there’s a system out there that has

someone or a group of people that controls the majority of the tokens then it makes that investment a lot more risky than if it’s spread out

because the group or person could just sell off at some point take the price of this entire system just because they feel like it with

Sheba unfortunately their creator decided to give 50 percent of their supply to vitalik butrin the creator of ethereum

because they figured he would never feel the need to sell and he would just hold them forever in his wallet well that theory was recently proved

wrong when he donated around five percent of his shiva tokens to charity donating to charity is a good thing and it’s given this system a lot of

prominence so I’m not knocking this system for that particular event I’m only pointing to the reality that if one person controls 50

of the supply of anything then they can pull the rug out from under you and ruin the price of the tokens just because they feel

like it or if they just continue to donate all of these tokens to charity it’s going to have a lot of volatility for this system now dogecoin doesn’t

have problems with one person controlling 50 of their supply, their coins are a lot more spread out but there still is a risk with centralization and

the concentration of coins because it’s estimated that one person controls 28 of the dogecoin supply totaling around 2.1 billion dollars worth of dogecoin

so if that particular person does sell then it would have a ripple effect on the entire coin system but who knows maybe this mystery person

is Elon musk and it’ll just drive the price even higher when his identity is finally released

Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin comparison video


so, all in all, I personally think the question of which one is better is the wrong question I’m buying both because they are both

fun and explosive coins that can make you a lot of money really fast but with that said please remember these are both very high-risk mean-based

cryptocurrencies gain most of their value from hype and if the hype ever does run out then you could lose all of your money

but what do I know this isn’t investing advice and you should consult a professional before you make any financial decisions so

so this is the end of a detailed guide of Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin comparison, if you guys found this article is informative then I hope you will consider bookmarking it for more information

Thank You

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