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what’s up shibnobi shinja army I am back with yet another short quick update, today we gonna see some of the major listings of shibnobi coin on 5 different exchanges also shibnobi coin news today & Shibnobi coin listing Date 2022 

Shibnobi coin listing Date 2022 

2022 looks bright for shibnobi shinja Coin here’s why tokonamics have now been updated holders will receive a whopping five percent in reflections instead of three percent new updated tax 12% 3.5 to marketing 3.5 percent to

the liquidity pool five reflections to all holders shibnobi is attracting heavy buying pressure and its price could propel to new highs in the coming weeks

the shib known by community has been over the moon following the array of updates the network has scheduled for 2022.

now the network’s native cryptocurrency shinju was doing just as well the emergence of meme coins it hard to oversee the impact that Sheba i knew

shib, dogecoin, baba doge going to have head on the crypto market is certainly laudable recently the ship know by network rolled out the shibnobi token and the asset is going places ranked at 2995.

Shibnobi Tokenomics have now been updated!

Holders will receive a whopping 5% in reflections instead of 3%

New updated tax 12%  

3.5% To marketing  

3.5% To liquidity pool  

5% Reflections to all holders

28 million volume

80,000 @Twitter followers



yesterday on the Youtube live stream session from Shibnobi officials revealed some of the upcoming listing plans, one of the members of

the community hector asked the question about and let’s take a listen to what the hector has to say

“so for basically the requirements are is that you have to have a daily volume of between 15 and 20 million dollars a day in volume which is part of the reason why we’re

trying to get them to the other exchanges because that’s helping us to have a larger daily volume so you know hopefully once we get on enough

of them, we’ll maintain that and then and then we’ll be able to go towards but the other thing is you gotta have well there’s obviously a listing fee of uh 1.5 million to get

onto so it’s definitely not a small number to get on there oh that’s what it was no you’re right you had to have at least two exchanges and then the daily volume

you’re right that was exactly what it was so I think hopefully we’re getting closer to the point where we’ll be able to do that but we’re on the right path that’s

yeah sure we’re still got a little bit of work to do if probe it was working right you know we might be a little closer, how fast time

flies you know I do I can anticipate that happening in the not too far future at this rate which will bring us out gotta be some kind of rec pace for

listings and exchanges on a project as early as we are we gotta be like I agree with that statement definitely a record pace because it’s pretty aggressive

I don’t know where we’re we’re adding them fairly quickly short shortly here will be one more day till Lbank so I have high expectations for l bank”

so guys you heard cliff talk about the way to get on they need to have that

1.5 million dollar listing fee of course, they need to have a daily volume of about 15 to 20 million and they also need to be listed on two exchanges so they’ve got a plan in place

and as you heard there they’re only one a day away from l bank and l bank has been doing a good job already of promoting shinobi coin.

Shibnobi coin listing Date 2022 | shibnobi was backing major listings across an array of exchanges throughout the next couple of days

shibnobi is all set to make its debut on five major platforms, shibnobi shinja is set to list on the following exchanges:

  • safe moon swap
  • Lbank Bank [Announced]
  • Probit
  • Bitrueofficial

Also there is the rumor in the market that shibnobi is going to list on KUCOIN Exchange listing and if the rumor is true then get ready for another massive Breakout of Shinbnobi coin

according to shibnobi it will be listed on the exchange per bid on the 25th of January this is further followed by a listing on the lbank exchange on the 31st of january in february

it would be listed on three other exchanges bidro won the 7th catacomb on the 14th and safe moon swap on the 18th the

shibnobi army was beyond excited for these listings particularly after the network’s recent follow with sitamaskmask during the time of riding shinju when is the slight drop pushing its price down by 5.46

the fact that the meme coin managed to amass over 40 000 holders during its first 40 days was a sight for sore eyes currently the total holders of the token

were 50,000+ and 6 looks like 50 wasn’t too far about per bit global predicts global is a top 20 crypto exchange worldwide servicing crypto enthusiasts

with unlimited access to trade and by bitcoin ethereum and 600 plus all coins in one zero plus market private global is a brand trusted by millions of users

two hundred zero zero zero plus community members one zero zero zero zero zero zero plus monthly active users three million monthly web visitors 50 million users on partnering aggregators

and wallets such as coin market cap user interface of a multilingual website supporting 41 different languages marketing and community support in eight

key languages the ship node network has an array of things scheduled for this year doja swapped the network’s multi-chain swap platform is set to roll

out in this quarter of 2022. following this, the katana wallet will go live in q2 2022. recently the shib known by network gave the community a peek

into the wallet additionally, the latest news of shibnobi much-awaited listings could not only spruce up the network but also aid in the surge of its price the

number of token holders would also get a boost thanks for reading, so stay tuned thanks for

coming until next time peace.

Shibnobi (Shinja) 84 Quintillion Token Burn🔥 | Shibnobi Burning Update

Shibnobi (Shinja) 84 Quintillion Token Burn

what’s up shibnobi army and high and investors will take the large prop here is great news for you all the whale who sold his huge back and cost a major dip yesterday has now been

blacklisted and the remainings of his tokens will be burned as you can see in this photo-it says as everyone is likely aware by now we had another private sale investor that broke the rules and sold

728 ethereum worth of shinobi shinja his wallet has been blacklisted and the remaining tokens will be burned.

so basically they have a rule the pre-sale investors cannot dump their tokens like this they have to contact cliff before taking any decision but sadly the rule was violated and now his wallet has been

blacklisted but the problem is he has already earned his profit only the remaining token will be burned the damage has already been done now only

the remaining 84 quintillions will be burned from his wallet any burning news is great as the tokens go out of circulation resulting in a price increase

the second good news for shibno investors is safe moon has agreed to list shibnobi shinja earlier so now safe moon will be listing us on their swap on Wednesday February 9th so before

this listing we can expect a price pump now the next update is regarding a fake Twitter account someone has created a fake Twitter account of cliffs so please make sure you follow the real cliff’s account and not the fake one.


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