skydiving in Dubai – Price, Views, location [Detailed Guide] 2021

skydiving in Dubai: okay, do you want to know what it really feels like to jump out of a plane and fly how does it feel to skydive? what was the experience

over these next few minutes, I’m going to show you exactly what happens when you are skydiving in Dubai with the help of images and

do my best to articulate how it feels because it certainly doesn’t feel normal, the experience was quite amazing.

skydiving in Dubai

What is the view that you see while skydiving in Dubai?

So I’m sharing with you my experience, we’re just running through the procedures of what we do in the flight today it’s one of the instructors is

going to let go and come in front of us so we have to make sure we lock in with that guy and I’m just going to go through the bag

checks right now make sure my parachute is all safe to jump and then it’s gone time and so we continued to jump practicing

skydiving in Dubai

the important things we had learned over and over again and soon I noticed something else interesting because on each jump I was

doing so many calculated moves and maneuvers and practicing my procedures each step of the way the nerves would go away quite quickly

and the beauty of it was that as they kind of went away it enabled me to take a breath and enjoy

what I was doing a little bit more so quite quickly the more I jumped the less nervous I was and the more fun I was having perhaps it

skydiving in Dubai

was because my point of focus was between me and the instructor I almost wasn’t able to kind of look down too much

and take in the fact that I was plummeting towards the ground but looking back now I think that that was a

pretty important aspect because of course skydiving does have the potential to have some very serious consequences i

think it’s very important that we weren’t distracted so much as being able to focus on getting a specific action successfully

and so over the next few days, we kept jumping as much as we could depending on the weather conditions unfortunately we had

a couple of days where the wind picked up relatively early on so we were only able to get maybe one or two jumps in on

Dubai view from the top

Friday we had These perfect conditions and we ended up jumping like pretty much the whole day now as we continue to jump we were

taught things like how to move sideways how to move forwards how to turn and like just tiny little adjustments tiny little dips of the elbow and you’d spin

pretty quickly it was remarkable how sensitive the changes were and as such, we were slowly taught

how to fly our bodies instead of just falling which brought a whole new level of excitement is one thing I’ve been

struggling with is my landing because yeah I don’t know I thought it’d be easier than it is I’ve been either flaring a little bit too early or

a little bit too late to flip that flare all the way down man and sometimes I get caught in a bit of like a burble or the wind changes just as i

come into land oh good to watch that one and I slam in pretty hard but free fall it’s been awesome like it’s just such a fun experience

learning to move around and fly through the air as you’re falling at 200 kilometers an hour the instructors

have been super awesome there to answer all my ridiculous wacky questions that

I’m sending their way with so much patience but it wasn’t until the ninth jump when we were able to do a solo jump which

literally meant we’d go up in the plane by ourselves jump outdo everything all by ourselves where I was really able to kind of step

back and take in what I was doing because all the previous jumps up to this point had been so focused on following each step this jump where i

was all by myself I had the time to kind of look around enjoy that awesome feeling of free fall was by far the most enjoyable jump I had done

and it gave me a little taste tester for what I realized was to come if I continued skydiving and so just like that on Friday afternoon after a

a full day of jumping under pretty much perfect conditions wow that wraps up an incredible week of flying through the

air I’ve been smiling pretty much the whole week all right so these are the boys that I did the course with and

fortunately, we all passed what do you think boys Laurie nearly failed but I almost failed yeah it was

such a cool experience yeah just unforgettable when you’re finally under control and you know how to manage

yourself that feeling of free-falling is a dream come true how was it bro do

you have a good trip I don’t know I’m a so much fun jumping with him oh man thanks for being your man thanks for being you was a good week

where we’re about to drive I’m keen to jump more with you, bro anytime let’s come here again I’ve now officially got my license

which means I could jump anywhere around the world, I don’t know if you can tell I’m tired of me wipe the smile off my face when I think about

it but I’m really excited and so there you go I finished my full ten stages of the aff learn to skydive course

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Price of Skydiving In Dubai

The price of skydiving in Dubai depends on different factors like whether you want single jump tickets or you want to have an instructor with you also it depends on what kind of experience you want.

but overall the price of Skydiving in Dubai starts from AED 1,899 at the Palm Dropzone and AED 1,499 at the Desert Dropzone.

Check the different skydiving price list chart

Single jump ticket
AED 120
10-ticket package (non-transferable)
AED 1,150
25-ticket package (non-transferable)
AED 2,750
Hop and Pop (3,500 feet or 5,500 feet)
AED 100
Re-currency/check jump (includes two slots)
AED 400
Coaching Jump (includes two slots)
AED 400


skydiving in Dubai 5 days Training Process

so I am going to share my experience

I’ve wanted to learn to skydive ever since I was a little kid and finally, after years of dreaming, I’m here at skydive oz-in Mariahu which I’ve been

told is arguably the best learn to sky life center in Australia and I’m hoping it is because I’m putting my life in these guys hands so here we go let’s

go and experience what it’s really like learning to jump out of a plane and live to telltale I was sort of nervous but also really excited

so over the next few days, I learned so much,

Monday Training process

Monday was a full day of theory learning the ins and outs of skydiving probably only a pinch of what there is to learn

but a full eight hours nonetheless everything from the history of skydiving to how it’s progressed over the years

how to exit the plane how to free fall, how to fly the parachute, and then of course how to land it safely we were taught pretty much

skydiving in Dubai

every malfunction and emergency procedures over and over and over again so there was a ton of new information which seemed

pretty damn important to remember but fortunately, they gave us a booklet full of the things that we’d learned so we could always go back

and reference that or ask the instructors so with a head full of new information I went to bed pretty early

both excited and sort of nervous for Tuesday,

Tuesday, jumping out of the plan

the day where we were planning to jump out of the plane for the first

time depending on the weather of course and luck was on our side we woke up at 7 00 am and the weather was beautiful

blue sky and very light wind which was pretty much the ideal conditions to learn to skydive in but before we even got onto the plane

I had to go back through the whole procedure the jump from start to finish and of course my emergency procedures until the instructors felt comfortable

that I would get it right and then before I knew it it was time to get on the plane and this is when the nerves

slightly started to kick in but it wasn’t until we reached 15 000 feet green light went on and the sliding doors opened and the wind was rushing past that it

really hit me I was about to jump out of a perfectly good

airplane what am I doing but fortunately, I had practiced everything from this point over and over again so i knew what

steps I had to take to pull this off successfully and so when it was my turn to jump I made my way over to the door

got into position checked in checked out and i jumped

Skydiving Experience in Dubai

I was blown away with just how fast we started accelerating and I remember feeling this sudden rush as we fell away from the plane it’s very

hard to kind of articulate exactly what it feels like because, to be honest, it feels not quite like anything I had ever

experienced before potentially that first initial lurch in the stomach might be like doing a huge cliff jump or bungee jumping but

then as you continue to fall and I became stable that initial feeling completely went away it was almost as if the fact that I was falling at 200 kilometers per hour

from 15 000 feet up in the air didn’t even register with my brain it was like it wasn’t even reality now I know that

sounds really weird but it’s sort of like the reference point between you and the ground is so far away that your brain

doesn’t register you’re falling towards the earth the main reference point was between me and the instructor

so it kind of felt like we were just like floating there and one of the first things you’ll notice is the slightest movements create pretty

significant changes to your body position which is what we were about to be taught over the next few jumps

how to fly and then before I knew it we were at five 5500 feet and it was time to deploy the canopy the most

a crucial part of the skydive and so just as I had practiced wave arch reaches deploy and just like that, my parachute opened

nice and successfully great success.

well I still needed to fly this thing to the ground but for some reason that didn’t feel quite as daunting now that i have this huge 220

foot square canopy over my head now landing became a skill of its own but fortunately with the help of the instructors

on the radio, in my earpiece, I managed to land nice and safely,

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