Terra luna classic News Today | Terra Lunc news Today | Terra Luna classic price prediction 2022

Terra luna classic News Today | Luna classic Updates 2022

In this post, I will share with you terra luna classic news, and the latest updates, and I have put a video which will explain to you in detail about luna classic updates, so the market is slowly going up look at what’s happening with bitcoin because the new merch is coming up let’s see what will happen next the merge is up and we’re seeing Terra luna classic basically pumping it up

even Shiba inu which is gonna have its own game pretty much soon and the metaverse and all that  is actually going up and that’s really awesome about it

right it could be seeing another big movement and that’s what I want to see so right now what we’re seeing is terra classic basically having a bit of a slump and this is why

I’m not afraid like all these tokens are going up if you look at these charts terra classic is the only one who’s actually going down right now why

because this is pretty normal it’s market correction like it’s literally a reverse pattern that nobody saw noticed before it went from rank 26 to like rank 30 which is crazy you know


not that big of a difference but even if we look at tara over here where’s terra I think terra really dipped from seven dollars but i haven’t

noticed a single token that has been dropping as much uh even if you look the volume of the last 24 hours like the seven days tara classic and terra luna have been

seeing the most improvements so that’s pretty crazy to me, you know terra classic and all these tokens are the ones that have been growing they’re the ones that are performing well

and that means a lot I think that  really goes a long way like even you know these tokens that have been performing pretty slumps during the week like Nexo and stuff

they haven’t been doing that bad but terra classic is seeing a huge dip so it’s definitely the loser here but here’s why I’m not worried the market is still going

up because of ethereum look at this ethereum is seeing 1746 to 21 cents so yeah it’s growing stronger and stronger and that’s what’s really really important

but  what I am seeing right now is  terra luna classic just being golden just being its own thing and that’s what’s really really cool that you know it goes its own way it has

its own burns and with terra luna classic just getting started I mean ethereum merge is just coming up terra doing a classic still pass those things that it needs to be to have

you know it has so much potential because the burn is gonna get started and when the burn comes in you know some whales took the profit but

when the burn starts that’s when most of these holders are gonna be seeing this and coming back to luna classic getting back stronger we still saw sixty percent up I’m just pointing out the price um personally.

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