Terra luna News Today 2022 | Terra Luna 2.0 & Terra Luna classic crashing?

Terra luna News Today: Guys this is a quick update on terra luna new and old versions as you can see both the coins have dumped hard at the time of this recording terra luna is trading at 5.49 and tara classic is trading at 0.4084 now both these coins are dipping together

this is the first time i am seeing this otherwise whenever one of these coins dipped the other pumps but now both of these coins are dipping together but there is nothing to worry so first let’s start with tara luna now tara luna’s market cap has fallen down to almost 1.1 billion the daily trading volume is down to about 270 million now. The current price of Terra is $0.000063 per (LUNA / USD)


Terra luna News Today, what to do invest in terra luna or not?

if you are investing in this coin and you are panicking you don’t have to worry this coin will give you good returns in the coming time especially in the bull run right now the whole market is slow and boring there is nothing major happening

but trust me if you’re invested in this coin it will give you a decent return in the coming time i have purchased this around six dollars and 25 cents on an average my target was fifteen dollars it reached around twelve dollars but i didn’t sell i was not invested for long

i was just here to make some quick profit but sadly now i will have to wait for some more time now guys on social media there are rumors that this new tariff will crash like the old classic so trust me that is not going to happen but

it is important for this coin to have a market cap above 1 billion if it goes below 1 billion then it’s a danger zone now by danger zone i don’t mean it will go below one dollar to go below one dollar the market cap should drop to around 210 million which i don’t think will happen but yes

if the market cap goes to around 800 million then it might touch around to three dollars and fifty cents but the chances are very low but still there are possibilities like i said earlier my target for new terra luna for short term is 15

i am going to stick to my target so if you get a chance to buy around four dollars to six dollars i think you should buy for a target of ten dollars and above because luna 2.0 won’t be going into a death spiral like luna classic now let’s talk about luna classic so at the time of this recording

what are  opportunity in buying terra luna coin:

luna classic is trading with four zeros 84 market cap has fallen down to 554 million daily trading volume is around 128 million so is it game over for tara classic well no this is in fact a great buying opportunity none of the exchanges are going to remove terra classic from their platform

it is going to stay on exchanges forever in fact if you go and check terra’s official Twitter page they have recently updated their cover page and they have both old and new terra logos on their banner so people who are scared that classic tara will be removedterra luna price 2022

from all the platform please stop stressing but yes you also have to keep in mind that duquan’s main focus will be on the new coin not the classic one if you’re planning to invest in classic make sure this is a risky trade you might even lose all your money in case

if it falls then it’s going to be a free fall and the bottom cannot be predicted right now the market cap is around 554 million in case if it falls down to 50 percent the price can go down up to three level

Some common risk:

your buying price should be in between three levels to around eight levels let me remind you again this is a risky trade but if you want a big reward you have to take risk and because classic is trading with a very low price classic luna will generate more profit

than new luna so in short it is simple if you want to take risk for greater profit in short term you can invest in luna classic and if you don’t want to stress or take risk you can go with luna new version i am currently not invested in luna classic but if it dips more

i am going to buy a small bag now guys you also have to keep in mind that this is a bear market and that’s why it is affecting most of the tokens and coins if you have invested in this bear market at the bottom level once the bull market starts

most of these neem and low gem tokens are going to give you profit so that’s all about it for this quick and short update video let me know in the comment section if you guys are buying this

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