Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in America 2021 [Detailed Guide]

we’re going to be talking about the Highest Paying Jobs in America if you take a look at the reports from media who are going to

see at the top of the list you’re probably going to see doctors as the highest paying jobs in the united states, these reports are misleading

and they’re actually hurting a lot of people relying on this bad information. so I feel like I need to do something to address this

my name is not important what is important is that I’m a certified public accountant and I see people’s tax returns and I see how much they’re making

and I see people from all over the place I see people from new york to Miami to Chicago to Houston to vegas, so I see people

from a variety of different geographic locations and I see how much they’re really making so this is the insider scoop and you probably will not get this information

anywhere else

so I just want to say do you know why those reports are wrong, they are wrong because they are based on averages, of course, the average doctor is going to

be making more than the average engineer or the average real estate agent but are you striving to be average is that your goal in life

to be average if you’re trying to help your kids pick a career path to help them make a lot of money do you want your children to strive

to become average do you want to see them average in their profession if you are changing career paths let’s say you want to become a real estate agent

do you want to walk into a room of 100 real estate agents and be the 50th best do you want to be average if you want to be good at your job or

great then I’m not even talking about the best if you want to be good or great at your job then this list is going to be so helpful if you want to see which

professions pay the most so some of you might find these figures unbelievable or disgusting or just unfair but I’m not trying to glorify these jobs I’m just

here to give you the truth so I hope this is helpful to some people and let’s begin first I want to say that we’re not going to be using extreme

cases so we’re not going to say things like a professional athlete or celebrity or CEO of a Fortune 500 company

Highest Paying Jobs in America

10. so number Ten on the list we have real estate agents, real estate agents that are successful they’re typically making between 125 000 to 275 000 if you’re new

or you’re still learning the ropes then yes you will most likely be making considerably less if you’re elite then you can be making more than a

million dollars but realistically speaking this is the income range that you can expect if you are a successful real estate agent or a broker so

everybody is pretty familiar with the services of a broker or a real estate agent so I’m not gonna go in-depth into this profession

9. number nine on our list is salespeople that choose a career in sales and they’re good at their jobs they can expect to be making between 150 000 to 400 000 some examples include

product sales such as working in sales at CDW tech sales selling payroll services for payroll vendors earn software sales such as CRM or SAS

so that’s just to name a few there’s many more out there the great thing about sales is that if you’re very good at your job then you can reach these income levels

very quickly so you don’t even need a fancy degree to make a lot of money in sales and the funny thing is that usually within a sales team, you’re going

to have the sales manager so the manager is the boss of all the salespeople but then if you’re good at sales then you will be making more money than your

boss however depending on your industry your income can be highly unpredictable but my recommendation is that you should always

have a clear understanding of the compensation structure before starting your sales position at any company

8. number eight on our list are Doctors being a doctor it’s typically associated with prestige and wealth but it is only number eight on our list

you should become a doctor to help people or to save lives or because you enjoy it, you should not become a doctor to get rich being a successful doctor in

your field that means that you’re going to be compensated between 250 000 to 600 000 if you choose a field in academia

then you’re going to be compensated considerably less if you are a specialist and you’re like the go-to expert on a national scale then yes you would

be compensated much more the compensation range it’s going to vary greatly based on what type of doctor you are, your compensation is also going to be

based on your geographic location so I’ll give an example if you have two job openings for the same type of doctor and one is in downtown Chicago and the

other one is in the middle of nowhere Illinois then guess which one is going to pay better the one in the middle of nowhere Illinois

is going to pay substantially better than the one in downtown Chicago the reason is that most people don’t want to go live

they don’t want to live and work in a small town therefore these small towns, need to incentivize these doctors to attract them by offering them a

bigger paycheck offering a bigger salary so in that situation it’s going to greatly depend on your geographic location in addition to being paid well, you’re

also helping people and saving lives however these benefits come at a big sacrifice because a doctor they’re gonna have to endure four years

of undergrad, four years of med school a few more years of residency, and that you might choose to do more time in a fellowship

so additionally you’re also most likely going to come out of all this with a lot of student loan debt.

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7. number seven on our list are certified public accountants as a certified public accountant if you are good at the job you can expect to

be making three hundred thousand dollars to one million dollars you can expect to be in this income range in your mid-30s to your early 40s

most accountants they’re going to achieve this income level by working for a big public accounting firm and then once they reach a certain level

a certain status like a senior manager they’re going to leave that public accounting firm for a really good job at a with an upper management position at a

different company or for a high paying job with stock options or if an accountant stays with a big public accounting firm you can become

partner at one of these big firms at the largest accounting firm Deloitte

6. number six on our list we have financial advisors as a financial advisor if you are good at your job, you can typically expect to


be making four hundred thousand dollars to a million dollars the reason why I’m going to rate this one higher than a certified public accountant

is that you can reach these income levels more quickly compared to accounting you can expect to be in this income range

in your mid-30s as a financial advisor, you’re going to be assisting your clients to grow preserve or protect their assets a huge benefit of this

of this profession is that you can apply this knowledge to your own assets to your personal financial life so if you love investing then this would

probably be a very good fit for you probably a very a dream job for you number four on our list we have attorneys if you are a successful attorney then

you can expect to be making 300 000 to 1.5 million dollars if you are a rainmaker you will be making two to ten million dollars however it is extremely

difficult to become a rainmaker so you might have to settle for the 300 000 to 1.5 million it is no secret it’s no secret that attorneys they’re working

grueling long hours, so no matter what industry that you go to in this list, you’re going to be paying your dues you know one way or another

to some people, you know this type of compensation may be worth it but to other people, it may not be if you’re enjoying this information so

far please give this article a thumbs up I’d greatly appreciate that and I thank you so much for all your support

5. number five on our list are Executive officers, when I say executive officers I mean leadership positions at smaller to mid-size companies so

we’re not talking about your billion-dollar fortune 500 companies we generally see executive officers earning between 500 000 to 2.5 million

the unique thing about executive officers is that there there are a variety of ways that you can obtain this position so some executive officers have a

fancy degree with an MBA and other executive officers they don’t have a degree you know they don’t have one of those

fancy degrees but they have a lot of you know work experience within this industry or they’re very specialized at what they do

and some executive officers you know they started with the firm you know they started way at the bottom and then they just climbed their way up

over the years and other executive officers, they’re going to be recruited from other companies externally so there’s a variety of ways that you can get this position.

4. number four on our list is the small business owner if you’re a successful small business owner you should be making between four

hundred thousand dollars to three million dollars in your 30s so I’ve seen small business owners making money from the most simple and most basic services or

products and I’ve seen people making millions of dollars selling the most complex ones that is just way over my head so you can literally be making a ton of

money just selling whatever product or service from basic to complex I’ve seen it all if you want to be a small business owner then you need to be comfortable working with

without any structure or working with very limited structure

from what I’ve seen from personal experience if you fail on your first business venture then that’s going to be completely normal

statistically speaking that’s going to be very normal so most successful small business owners, you know they’re  going to fail a lot of times multiple

times and they’re gonna learn from their experience until they finally get it right but when they hit they usually hit hard

2. number two on the list are traders without a doubt i would consider this the most lucrative profession in my opinion so good traders they’re


generally making between 500 000 to 5 million dollars a year if you’re in your early 30s and you’re not earning these figures consistently then you’re

doing something wrong many successful traders that i work with personally they’re making millions of dollars by their late 20s

traders they’re generally working in teams with quants engineers programmers and mathematicians these traders they’re going to be

trading a variety of instruments from commodities stocks bonds and currencies again these are normal levels of compensation if you are considered

successful at trading now i see traders in their 30s making over 10 million dollars i see that quite often to be honest it’s common for traders to tell me like

oh you know i only made two million dollars this year it’s been a slow year so if you plan on being successful in your field i would rate

being a trader is the highest paying job because you can make this amount of

money in your 20s and you can make it consistently after you amassed enough money that you could basically transition your life or your career

into pretty much anything you want I hope that this information helps you keep an open mind and explore other professions that you

maybe haven’t even thought of if there are other professions that I missed please comment them down below

some other notable mentions are

consultants dentists, pilots, and computer programmers make a lot of money if you enjoyed this

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I thank you so much and I wish you a

very nice day

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