Top 10 Job Interview Tips | Rules of Job Interview [Detailed Guide] 2021

Today I  am going to give you 10 job interview tips that are guaranteed to help you pass your interview so if you have an interview coming up for any role whatsoever

or any organization make sure you read this article from start to finish because I will help you to be the standout candidate.

also at the end of this post, I will be sharing with you the golden tip or bonus tips for you, so make sure you read the post till the end.

Jobs interview tips: Write a set of instructions to be followed while going for a job interview

Top 10 Job Interview Tips to be followed while going for a job interview

1. Tip number 1 before the interview make a list of questions that you’ll likely be asked such as why did you leave your old job? why they should hire you? etc as you’re coming up with your

answers to these questions keep in mind that it might not hurt to have little anecdotes like things from your past work experience after all human brains

are kind of hardwired to more easily remember things that have emotional meaning so food for thought also bringing questions that you would like

to ask as we said in our other post it’s helpful to have those questions ready because at the end of the interview they probably are going to ask you do you have any questions for me and

if you say no it might make you seem kind of aloof or like you’re not super interested these questions could include what projects you’ll be working on if you’re hired

what is a typical day like, etc in any case be sure to practice your questions and answers a lot.

2. Tip number two is to make sure you think about your strengths and your weaknesses now during the interview, the interviewer is guaranteed to say to you what are your strengths and your weaknesses?

so we need to make sure you prepare a rock-solid answer to this question now good strengths to give in an employment interview include having the ability to

manage a large workload having the technical skills or the qualifications needed to do the job to a high standard being a self-starter

somebody who needs little supervision or monitoring being commercially aware now means you are somebody who understands that you got to perform your duties to

a high standard to help their business continually grow and improve other strengths include being adaptable to change that’s a really good one

or also saying that your strength is taking responsibility for your own professional development so those are really good strengths to give in a job interview

but what about weaknesses now we need to be really careful when we give weaknesses during a job interview so you could say that your weaknesses you find it hard to

say no to people you could say that you are not very confident when talking to large groups of people or you could say that you find it hard to abandoning of

projects but when you do give a weakness make sure you tell the interviewer what you are doing to improve
job interview.

3. Tip number three, some practical pre-work, if you’re doing the interview in person make sure you practice the drive there that way

you won’t be surprised or thrown off by all the weird roundabouts or all the night bus traffic similarly.

4. Tip number four, the night before the interview have your clothes ready have them iron have them looking good to have them looking fresh

have them looking sweet and hip and happening and go to bed early after all if you want the monies you got it to have the Z’s Abraham Lincoln next up a couple

quick tips from the great book presence by dr. and Ted talker Amy Cuddy she interviewed one of the toughest professional crowds around Silicon Valley venture capitalists that would

make me Ober nervous my heart would be a Twitter it would be like my stomach was in a tumbler.

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5. Tip number five from dr. Cuddy makes a good impression by not trying to make a good impression now I know it sounds like Yoda’s advice

column or something but here’s what I mean yes absolutely do basic decorum arrived a little early dress well practice active listening but if you’re

trying to Dale Carnegie your way through every gesture in every syllable you’re gonna come off a little bit robotic probably avoid this fate by practicing

6. Tip number six be prepared to be passionate according to Cuddy rather than just selling yourself get an idea of what the position will be like

and sell your ideas and your excitement about the position highlight one or two areas you’re particularly excited about ironically by focusing on something

other than yourself you’re more likely to show the best parts of yourself.

7. Tip number seven, if you’re nervous that’s okay too it means that this is important to you try not to amplify the awkwardness by trying to be super smooth all the time

it’s also okay to not know everything and to not have every single skill they have on their job description which is really kind of a wish list that they

don’t necessarily expect any one person to have so instead just be honest tell them you’re willing to learn and give some examples of how you have learned in the past.

8. Tip number eight of course having said that there are a couple of body language cues you’re definitely going to want to try to avoid

these would include touching your face a lot or getting the Jimmy legs as Sarah Silverman did in that episode of Seinfeld getting a good night’s sleep

and practicing mindfulness can help you avoid these things.

9. Tip number nine what about money well these conversations can be a little tricky and sometimes people are understandably a little hesitant to talk

about dollars and cents in the case of job interviews as in so many other cases knowledge is the power to quote easy life research common

salaries for your job in your location decide to arrange for what you’d like to make and determine how little you’re willing to accept it’ll help you to have

this information is in your back pocket in case

10. Tip number ten is what to do if they ask about money basically most experts suggest that you do a little dance rather than giving a dollar amount,

it’s best to say something like I’m really excited about this position and I’m sure that we can come to some kind of agreement if they push you can say

something like I’m sure you’ve budgeted for this position can you give me a sense of the range for the salary and if they absolutely will not give you a

number first then you can say well according to my research this position in this area will have a range from XYZ $ to X’Y’Z’ $ and then you can say where you

feel you fall along that range that said this is a very complex topic we could definitely talk about this in some other article  about salary negotiations

If you are interested in this topic then mention it in the comment section also if you guys have any more tips for job interviews please let us know in the

comment section below we would love to hear from you, Also for those readers who are reading till the end of this post I have bonus Tips or a golden rule for you

STAR Technique:

Make sure you use the star technique when answering difficult behavioral interview questions now during the interview, the interviewer is going to assess how

you have previously performed in given situations so examples of behavioral interview questions could include tell me a few times once you worked as part of a team?

tell me about a time when you worked under pressure or describe a situation where you experienced conflict with a co-worker?

now when you answer any type of behavioral interview question make sure you structure it by using the STAR Technique

now STAR stands for Situation Task Action and Result so you start off and give an answer by talking about the situation you were in so briefly outline the situation then

move on to the task so explain the task that needed to be done then go into detail about the action that you took and the action other people took so tell

the interviewer in detail what action and what steps you took and finally finish off with the result following your actions and it’s really important

that you always make sure the result is a positive one. so the golden rule is to make sure you utilize the star technique when responding to difficult behavioral

interview questions job interview.

so listen you just relax get some sleep tonight layout your clothes

Best of luck with your Interview.

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