What is CCIE? | Scope and Salary Packages of CCIE | CCIE R&S vs CCIE Security

what is CCIE? what is the scope and salary of CCIE?

Today I’m going to explain to you what all Cisco certifications are available in the industry, what is CCIE? what is the scope and salary of CCIE and CCIE R&S vs CCIE Security in complete detail?

What is CCIE? | Scope and Salary Packages of CCIE | CCIE R&S vs CCIE Security

so just stick to the end of the post. To start with, let me tell you about the different levels of Cisco career certifications. Cisco offers the world’s most famous Cisco career certifications are three levels

an associate-level CCNP, that’s a professional level and CCI that’s the Expert level now Cisco offers all these

certification that a CCNA, CCNP, and CCI in seven different tracks or say the technologies routing and switching which is the foundation level for all the

tracks security that is networking and cybersecurity then is a collaboration that is IP telephony and video conferencing

then we have service provider Wireless, design, and data center but you as a fresher can only choose from routing and switching or security truck as all the other tracks

needs at least four to five years of industry experience so we’ll stick to routing, switching, and security first of all let me tell you

what is CCIE?

CCIE stands for Cisco Certified internetwork expert, CCI is the highest level of Cisco certification, CCI is the world’s most prestigious most demanded, and highest

paid IT certification there are only 55,000 CCI professionals in the entire world wherein there is a demand for nearly five lakh CCI professionals that to only India

can you see the opportunity in case you would like to make your career into networking or network security then CCI is the best option for you

you can either opt for CCI routing and switching or CCI security as a fresher

for that, there are many institutes out there that offer 100% job guarantee courses data CCI integrated courses that do for freshers you can google it out.

so let’s talk about CCI routing and switching first CCI dropping in switching integrated course CCI Grafton switching is the world’s most famous networking certification

there are only 35,000 CCI recommend switching engineers available in the entire world where the IT industry needs nearly 3 lakh CCI

document switching engineers right now. CCI Grafton switching integrated course offered by the various institutes is a combination of CCI and routing and switching.

CCI routing and switching this entire course nearly takes 7 to 8 months to complete up.

so what would you learn in the course, you will learn about network designing network implementation, and troubleshooting.

you will learn how to design and implement the network using the cisco routers and switches the courses comes up with 100% job placement guarantee

with the starting salary package of 4 to 5 lakhs per annum for freshers after the completion of the course you will be eligible for the different job titles like network engineer,

senior network, engineer network technician and network administrator and many more.

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now let’s discuss about CCI security?

CCI security is the world’s most teachers and most demanded IT certification there are around 6000 CCS security certified engineers in the entire world.

well there’s a demand for nearly 2 lakh CCR security certified engineers right now.

so what skills do you have to learn in CCR security?

you will have to learn network designing network, implementation and network security you should have the knowledge of how to design implement

and secure a network using Cisco routers and switches firewalls WUSA and IPs. you will also be

eligible for the job titles like network security engineer network administrator network security consultant.

CCI security integrated cost nearly takes 10 to 12 months to complete up the job guarantee salary package which you will be getting up to the completion of

CCI drafting and switching integrated would be four to five lakhs per annum whereas since CCI security integrated calls you will be able to get the salary

package for four point five to six lakhs per annum.

now let’s discuss about the scope of CCI?

CCI security professionals has the chart of growth for CCI routing and switching access a security engineers in India. your starting package would be four lakhs per annum

which would reach up to ten lakhs per annum by three years and down the line after five years you can expect the salary package to get a raise for 18 lakhs per annum

if I talk about CCI security salary, you can expect a salary package for 6 lakhs per annum which could get doubled up within 3 years that could be 12 lakhs per annum

down the line you can expect to reach up to 20 lakhs and so on we only have our students working at these packages.

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