Who is the best university Harvard or Oxford for law?

In today’s article, I’m gonna be answering a very highly asked requested question I get this question a lot in my

DMS and comment sections and even in real life and that question is Who is the best university Harvard or Oxford for law or any other course and which one should we choose?

and I just find it really difficult to answer but I thought it’s good for me to formulate my thoughts put them in an article and then

maybe read this back in a year from now and see how I feel so we might make another one when I’m done with Harvard but let’s just answer

and see where we go.

Who is the best university Harvard or Oxford for law

Who is the best university Harvard or Oxford for law?

The British were practicing Jurisprudence and gave birth to the Philosophy of Jurisprudence when the continent called America was yet to be discovered by Vespucci and Christopher Columbus;

and mainly was inhabited by wild animals, horses, and native Red Indians.

The answer lies within the question — Where does one wish to practice?

If within the US, you need to study at Harvard. Harvard Law mainly focuses on the American system. Usually doesn’t enter depth into the Philosophy of Jurisprudence.

Hence, American Lawyers observe Corporate Lawyers; never heard of a world-class Criminal Barrister from Harvard that made world news.

If you’re getting to practice within the UK or in India or anywhere in Europe; Oxford is that the best choice. In fact; given the fact;

British were the founders of what we call Jurisprudence today. Please note; Oxford Law graduates gain a BA in Jurisprudence instead of an LLB,

each of the Oxford Law courses counts as a qualifying academic degree so Oxford Law graduates can immediately continue to the Legal Practice Course (for solicitors) or the Bar Professional Training Course (for barristers).

Oxford Jurisprudence focuses on English Law.

Harvard Degree Vs Oxford Degree

I went to Oxford for my undergraduate degree studying classical archaeology and ancient history and now I’m at Harvard doing my

postgraduate degree studying international education policy booms out of the way. Now which one do I prefer so with oxford I loved it so much it was an experience that changed my

life if you may like it I’m not even exaggerating when I say that because when I arrived at Oxford I was a different person, lacked a little bit of confidence

I’m not saying oxford gave me that I’m saying the experiences I went through at oxford gave me that and obviously, I started my website and

different things happened because of my journey at oxford so it really did change my life in that sense and I loved it and it was an in-person

the experience let’s remember that the whole four years were on campus in person apart from the final time because of corona but that was that like I made my lifelong friends

yeah oxford gave me that now Harvard University that was one of my dream schools for so long and I went to visit in August last year obviously it was not

currently time so I was on campus I was seeing everything I had an amazing time and I fell in love with Harvard online and from the first time going to

visit it on campus and obviously, I hoped to be there but sadly the pandemic happened which means I didn’t get to go out there but you’d be shocked to know

that I still love Harvard like despite it being online for me it’s the course content it’s what I’m learning, the people that I’m meeting it’s the things that I’ve been

exposed to and you can get those things online or offline it doesn’t really matter obviously, I wish I were there in person for the

fun and to join the cheerleading society and to do all these kinds of unpleasant things but the actual material that I’m learning I think

online in person it would have happened the same way so yeah when it comes to the two it’s difficult to compare because one was online and one was in person

but if I had to choose course-wise Harvard University wins, I love my degree whereas with oxford I chose that degree when I was 17 or 18 and I finished it when I was 22.

like it was too long I did love classical archaeology in ancient history but I couldn’t take it outside of the classroom there was no way I could put a

dinner party or be with my friends and randomly bring up Aristotle Plato talk about the Persian wars talking about the birth of democracy like I mean

when I say out loud now I could have like those are still really cool subjects but you know what I mean in terms of I’m not going to be

speaking in greek or writing Latin when I’m at McDonald’s with my friends you know it’s just not happening whereas the

Harvard degree the things that I learn about are happening now like right now I’m writing a paper on the raising of teachers paying zimbabwe

and that’s  right now I could go and talk about that to anybody who’s interested in zimbabwe news and like you know we’re writing work that should

go and change the world now whereas I was studying the past here couldn’t felt like

Harvard Courses vs Oxford courses

Now in terms of courses, I absolutely prefer Harvard University in terms of experience oxford wins because it gave me that in person it helped me grow as a

young man all that kind of stuff and financially, once again obviously Harvard costs less on a daily basis because I’m not there so I’m not paying for rent or

anything like that but oxford wins because oxford as a degree for four years I pay less well three years because the first year was completely free the three years at

oxford cost me less than 18000 for three years oxford whereas Harvard has cost me 26 000 for one year so in terms of financial costs

oxford cost less gives you more years and you’re in person Harvard cost more, less time not even in person so oxford wins in that regard

um, where do I feel more at home funnily enough even though I’m not at Harvard in terms of physically I still feel more at home with Harvard than I do with oxford?

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