Why Lovely Inu Coin Price Drop Today | Top 5 Holders Lovely Inu Coin? 2021 update

There is a sudden decrease in the price of the Lovely Inu coin today and many of you are commenting that Why Lovely Inu Coin Price Drop Today? and also I am gonna talk about the top 5 holders of the Lovely Inu coin or the big players of Lovely Coin.

Top 5 Holders Lovely Inu Coin and Why Lovely Inu Coin Price Drop Today?

Why Lovely Inu Coin Price Drop Today

They have not revealed the name of the holders they have just mentioned their unique Id so the top 5 Holders of Lovely Inu coin is as follows

Address Quantity Percentage Analytics
1 0xfc1…….. 43,900,746,744,914.48896462 51.6479%

2 0x8c1…… 19,004,868,168,334.60460377 22.3587%

3 0xce5…… 5,364,265,003,993.27755388 6.3109%

4 Hotbit 2 2,504,979,280,679.48804314 2.9470%

5 0x5b…….. 1,677,689,527,366.75650406 1.9738%

source: Bscscan Lovely Inu Holders

so we know that the first holder is the owner of Lovely Inu Finance coin and recently there is the news that the owner is planning to burn 50% of his current holding

and if it happens the Lovely Inu coin supply will be one-third of its current supply and as a result, the price will pump drastically

so why I am talking about the holders the reason being if their owner or the top 5 holders will sell their coin the definitely that day is the end of lovely Inu coin

Now we don’t have any information about the top 2nd holder of Lovely coin who has a share of 22.3587% and if he wants then he can dump the market any time

so today many of the investors started booking the profit and as a result, there is a fall in the price of the Lovely Inu  coin and the profit booking has declined price to almost 50% which is not a joke

so many of the Big Holders started selling their stake in the market which result in the tremendous fall in the price of Lovely coin so that is the main reason why Lovely Inu Price is down today

I too got scared today but I didn’t sell it because I knew it was just the profit correction and you all can see now the price of the Lovely Inu coin started pumping again

and those who booked their profit must be regretting especially those who have bought at very lower levels because now their profit will be much higher than what they had booked.

and there is also a rumour that the top 2nd Holders have sold a certain percentage of share in the market creating a panic situation for Lovely Inu investors

buy don’t worry now the price is stable and just wait for another burning event of Lovely coin you will see the pump again.

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