Will SHIBA INU COIN Ever Reach 1 Dollar? [Detailed Guide] 2021

Will SHIBA INU COIN Ever Reach 1 Dollar? you know what it is guys let’s get right into it just when you thought the crypto market was crazier than a dog in a sausage factory with the likes of

dogecoin safe moon and all of the other meme coins Shiba Inu coin enters the room ready to box its way into the ring and claim the top dog for

the next best crypto meme coin with hopes to give dogecoin a run for its money but how far will it go at the moment Shiba Inu is still one of

the most-watched cryptos on coin gecko and is worth zero eight .00086 nine dollars with a market cap of four point three billion us dollars

it’s already had crazy news including one of the world’s largest donations to help India’s virus situation and of course the release of Shiba swap

at the time I’m writing this article Shiba Inu coin is boasting over two million percent a tremendous increase since its creation

so I think there are three key things that we should explore in the Shiba Inu coin what’s it all about what’s happened so

far and finally will Shiba Inu coin reach one dollar?

Will SHIBA INU COIN Ever Reach 1 Dollar

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Shiba army with that being said let’s begin the shiba inu coin or shiba token is one of the most popular mean currencies to hit the market

it’s been listed on Binance crypto.com and it hopes to be one of the cryptocurrencies on the market today the price of the token has seen massive

gains in the short term and the long term which has prompted many cryptocurrencies, investors, to start paying attention to

the coin in the Binance listing the Shiba token was described as an experiment in decentralized community building and another meme coin it also warned

buyers that the top three wallets holding Sheba counts contained fifty point five percent seven percent and three percent of the token’s total

supply, therefore, should any of these options to sell the price of sheep tokens would almost certainly crash the ceo of binance himself tweeted some

have voiced concerns about the Sheba listing we follow users there is a large number of users demanding it to the point where

we ran out of ethereum deposit addresses due to the sheep demand this has never happened before for any other erc 20 coin

they’re not endorsing it and it’s super high risk and before you ask what is an erc20 token well an erc 20 token is a

a blockchain-based asset with similar functionality to bitcoin ether and bitcoin cash it can hold value and can be sent and received

and the major difference between erc 20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies is that erc 20 tokens are curated and hosted on the ethereum blockchain


whereas bitcoin cash and others are native currencies of their respective blockchains erc20 tokens are stored and sent using

ethereum addresses and transactions it uses gas to cover the transaction fees with all the excitement of the crypto meme space

the moment the world is not slowing down and it’s creating rags to riches stories that are compelling as much as they are crazy in may the

story of Goldman Sachs managing director quitting his job after making a fortune on dogecoin began circulating if that’s not a sign that the world’s

financial markets are at a turning point then I don’t know what is the token has seen massive gains in the past year

including over 2 million percent this year they’re the type of numbers that turn heads as investors and traders continue to hunt for the next crypto to

take the market by storm in the footsteps of bitcoin ethereum and dogecoin just to name a few so some people are wondering whether or

not the price will continue to increase or go to the moon

let’s explore this in more detail shiba inu coin not only features the exact same dog breed as dogecoin but also works along the same lines of

using a running joke as a way to enter the crowded market but as is the case with most cryptocurrencies brand new to the market

but shiba inu is doing a lot better than most cryptocurrencies with the release of shibaswap which is a

decentralized exchange for erc20 tokens you can pretty much swap any ethereum based tokens using the brand new shiba swap

shiba swap is not just limited to swapping tokens has different functions such as staking and providing liquidity so who is the

better doge well the shiba inu coin was created in august 2020 but little is known about its founder who goes by the name Kyoshi

this ryoshi has promoted the coin’s nickname as a dogecoin killer arguing that sheep tokens technology is more community-driven than

dogecoin which uses the same Shiba Inu as its mascot the official white paper is also known as the wolf paper on their website

shiba tokens are a meme coin and it totally embraces the new crypto coins promoted on tick-tock and reddit which being the super early days makes

it incredibly risky as well as incredibly rewarding for those who got in early in may elon musk appeared on snl he made

the comment that dogecoin is a hustle ended up sinking the value by about 30 percent but off the back of this the Shiba Inu

coin capitalized on the hype and with Binance listing it on their platform the price more than doubled shiba inu coin came into the world as a

puppy in august 2020 with an initial minting of one quadrillion tokens which is 1 000 trillion in which they immediately put half into

uni swap and threw away the keys ryoshi claims to not hold any coins and he says that he gave those coins to ethereum co-founder

vitulik buterin in theory this move gives buderin the ability to single-handedly control the market and crash shiba inu coin’s value if he

was to sell any of his holdings the reason why ryoshi did this is somewhat unclear but according to TechCrunch they sent him

all of this without his consent in the first place in the coin’s white paper they say that the sheep token founder decided to send fifty percent of the

supply to vitilig because in his words we sent over fifty percent of the total supply there is no greatness without a vulnerable point and as long as vb

doesn’t rug us then Sheba will grow and survive well thankfully vitilic didn’t rug us and decided to give 10 percent of his

holdings to india coveted relief fund and burned the rest of his 90 percent sheep holdings although vitilig didn’t rug sheba it

gives me an uneasy feeling that this one cryptocurrency could have been controlled by one person which sort of defeats the purpose of

having decentralized cryptocurrency but on the other hand this coin isn’t meant to compete with the likes of bitcoin ethereum and so on

so when vitulik announced that he’s donating 10 percent of his stake in sheep to the indian coven relief fund

the transaction actually sparked panic among some investors contributing to over a 35 percent drop in shiba e new coins price

the elic transferred over 50 trillion shiba tokens so i’m not surprised that caused a market panic but to help stabilize the market

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somewhat the co-founder of the fund sent out a tweet firstly thanking vitilic and also mentioning that one of the things they’ve learned

is the importance of community and that they will not do anything which hurts the community especially the retail community involved

with the sheep token just like me and you and then the official shiba token Twitter account released a message covering the events

of this large donation and they raised a few very important points they said we know the strength in numbers so we are celebrating today’s

brave actions

and stand in support of saving lives and inspiring new holders they’re reassuring users that vitilig buterin didn’t pull the rug from under

people’s feet but in fact, if anything he brought legitimacy to the token by proving it isn’t just another meme coin by helping a huge humanitarian

crisis and also donating one of the world’s largest single contributions ever in history at the time of the donations 50 trillion

Shiba tokens were worth approximately one billion dollars donating a billion dollars is no small amount of money that’s a huge sum of

cash that’s going to a good cause

In conclusion, Will SHIBA INU COIN Ever Reach 1 Dollar?

A governance token will be allocated to a multi-signature activated development wallet the fund will be put towards financial

relief of the development team so they can focus full-time with the shiba swap the fund will also be used for marketing

administrators and further build in development with a plan to let the community power what they build next by community governance votes for

2022 and 2023 so will shiba inu coin hit the one dollar mark in the future well for the moment not even dogecoin

has done it yet they’ve been close after hitting a high of around 74 cents but we’re still waiting to see if the coin can push to the almighty one dollar

interestingly with Elon musk announcing that tesla is stopping accepting bitcoin and hinting on Twitter that they might

offer purchases using dogecoin instead this might be the push that it needs but at the moment we just don’t know Shiba inu has around 394 trillion tokens in

circulation at the moment so this is way too many coins to ever hit one dollar even with a large market cap if the market cap of shiba inu matched dogecoin

today at around 30 billion dollars then Shiba Inu’s price would be 30 billion divided by 394 000 billion which is essentially

394 trillion which is the circulation giving us a price of point zero zero zero zero seven six one dollars which is still a fraction of a cent

the analysts who are a lot better at this than me estimate that for Shiba Inu to have a chance of hitting one dollar

it’s going to take a lot more years of burning to bring that circulation down to something more manageable where more realistic market caps that we

see today can then bring the value up to a dollar but make sure you’re sensible when you’re investing I’m not an expert by any means

so don’t make any decisions based on reading this article and never put in more than you’re willing to lose when it comes to crypto

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